Pirates of The Caribbean Funko POP Now Available on shopDisney

A Pirates of the Caribbean Skeleton Funko POP! Figure that was revealed a few months ago is set to hit shopDisney in a matter of days on May 10th.

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UPDATE (5/10/2021 – 7:06 am PT): The Pop! arrived on shopDisney today and promptly sold out. The collectible is not listed as a limited edition item and hopefully will come back in stock soon.

What’s Happening:

  • Back in February as part of the Funko Virtual Con, Funko revealed several new Funko POP! Figures that would be released at the upcoming Emerald City Comic Con in March, where interested parties would have the first opportunities to enter a lottery for these select figures. If not selected, per verbiage on the official Funko site, some figures would be available through Funko.com and through respective sites and stores.
  • One of these figures was a skeleton from a memorable moment in Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, and will now be arriving on shopDisney on May 10th!

Treasure Skeleton Funko Pop! Vinyl – Pirates of the Caribbean

  • The figure, when originally announced, was said to glow in the dark, though it's unclear at this time if the shopDisney one will do the same, or if that was just a convention exclusive.

  • The Pirates of the Caribbean Treasure Skeleton Funko POP! Figure is based on the classic Disneyland park attraction which dates back to 1967. The attraction was so popular that it has been replicated and reinterpreted at almost every Disney park around the globe. It even was the basis for a popular franchise of films that began in 2003, and even resulted in the changing of the landmark ride to feature characters from the movies. This Funko POP! Figure is not based on the films however, and is indicative of a scene from the original attractions where the skeleton of a pirate captain is resting on top of his enormous treasure pile.