Disney nuiMOs Outdoor Collection to Release on June 7

shopDisney will release a Disney nuiMOs outdoor clothing collection on June 7, along with the previously announced Cruella clothing collection.

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What’s Happening:

  • shopDisney has revealed that a Disney nuiMOs outdoor clothing collection will be available on June 7, the same day the Cruella collection will drop for nuiMOs.
  • The outdoor collection features two new outfits and a sleeping bag set so the nuiMOs can have their own hiking and camping adventures too!
  • Fashion forward nuiMOs will dazzle in Cruella-inspired designs of black, white, red and faux leather styles.

Outdoor Collection

Disney nuiMOs Outfit – Windbreaker Jacket with Backpack – $12.99

Disney nuiMOs Outfit – Orange T-Shirt with Brimmer Hat and Sandals – $12.99

Disney nuiMOs Sleeping Bags Accessories – $12.99

Cruella Collection:

Disney nuiMOs Outfit – Cruella Inspired Faux Leather Jacket with Graphic T-Shirt and Pants – $17.99

Disney nuiMOs Outfit – Cruella Inspired Faux Leather Jacket with Skirt and Bow – $17.99

Disney nuiMOs Outfit – Cruella Inspired Faux Fur Coat with Dress and Black Boots – $17.99

Disney nuiMOs Outfit – Cruella Inspired Plaid Suit with Black Hat – $17.99

Did You Know?:

  • The collectible characters originally debuted in Japan then started appearing in Disney stores in China, Shanghai Disney Resort, and Hong Kong Disneyland Resort.
  • Disney nuiMOs gained popularity on social media as fans styled and took their plush on adventures during everyday life; be it to a Disney theme park, the beach, a shopping trip, or anything in between.
  • The new plush are available on shopDisney, and in Downtown Disney at the Disneyland Resort and Disney Springs at Walt Disney World.

About nuiMOs:

  • The name “nuiMOs” is a blend of the Japanese words “nuigurumi,” meaning “plush,” and “moderu,” meaning “model.” Disney nuiMOs plush characters are meant to be an extension of one’s self with the flexibility to change one’s looks to suit their unique personality and taste.
  • Disney nuiMOs are flexible and can do a wide variety of poses. Their pocket-sized compactness and portability make them the perfect little companions and even models! They are perfect for sharing on social media, which the official shopDisney page encourages, as does the official Instagram account.

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