Photos – Take a Tour Through the Jurassic World Tribute Store at Universal Studios Florida

With the announcement of the Jurassic World Tribute Store opening today at Universal Studios Florida, Jeremiah just had to set out to explore the incredibly detailed store and see all the new merchandise, food offerings, and more available.

When you first enter, you’re welcomed by the International Genetic Technologies, Inc. (InGen) facility, hopefully you don’t become part of a cloning experiment as you enter.

The first room is themed to the VelociCoaster control room, you’ll see nods to VelociCoaster which has its grand opening on June 10 over at Islands of Adventure, with all kinds of merchandise and themed displays.

On the security screens, you can check out some footage from the new attraction. Right under the security displays are Jurassic World-themed phone cases and wall signs available to design and purchase.

VelociCoaster shirts and grand opening pins are also available.

Aside from your typical merchandise displays, you’ll find some new Mold-A-Matic machines throughout the location, including this T-Rex.

The second room brings you face to face with some raptors in the raptor paddock, while you search for more merchandise!

Several themed candles can be found here including Pack Hunt, Triceratops Trail, and even Churro Stand.

The third room you enter is themed to Jurassic Park, you’ll find quite a few props you may remember from the original films.

Another Mold-A-Matic can be spotted here where you can bring home more dinos, and who wouldn’t want to do that?

The final room holds all the food offerings and a Triceratops who could probably go for some of that Dino Chow.

You can even treat yourself to a fossilized amber gummy for $7.

One of the coolest treats here is the chocolate egg that opens up to reveal a dinosaur for $18.

Retro posters and a statue of John Hammond are featured at the exit of the tribute store.

Need to see more? Check out the video walkthrough from Universal Orlando Resort of the new tribute store.

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