ABC Releases Cast Of Upcoming Seventh Season of “Bachelor in Paradise”

After a hiatus from the Oasis, Bachelor/Bachelorette favorites are heading back to the beach as the new cast of the seventh season of Bachelor in Paradise has been revealed.

What’s Happening:

  • Nearly two years since the last tropical romance, 19 sexy singles join the cast for the highly anticipated return of Bachelor in Paradise, with fan favorites and standout sweethearts from past seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. With the beach officially open, it’s time for a new group of former bachelors and bachelorettes to take another shot at love while living together in a romantic resort in Mexico. Bachelor in Paradise returns for its seventh season on Monday, Aug. 16th at 8:00 PM EDT on ABC. Episodes can also be viewed the next day on demand and on Hulu. Additional cast will be announced throughout the season.
  • The Bachelor in Paradise cast includes the following:
    • Abigail Heringer of The Bachelor 25 (Matt)
    • Brendan Morais of The Bachelorette 16 (Clare and Tayshia)
    • Deandra Kanu of The Bachelor 24 (Peter)
    • Ivan Hall of The Bachelorette 16 (Clare and Tayshia)
    • Jessenia Cruz of The Bachelor 25 (Matt)
    • Joe Amabile of The Bachelorette 14 (Becca)
    • Karl Smith of The Bachelorette 17 (Katie)
    • Kelsey Weier of The Bachelor 24 (Peter)
    • Kenny Braasch of The Bachelorette 16 (Clare and Tayshia)
    • Mari Pepin-Solis of The Bachelor 25 (Matt)
    • Maurissa Gunn of The Bachelor 24 (Peter)
    • Natasha Parker of The Bachelor 24 (Peter)
    • Noah Erb of The Bachelorette 16 (Tayshia)
    • Serena Chew of The Bachelor 25 (Matt)
    • Serena Pitt of The Bachelor 25 (Matt)
    • Tahzjuan Hawkins of The Bachelor 23 (Colton)
    • Tammy Ly of The Bachelor 24 (Peter)
    • Victoria Larson of The Bachelor 25 (Matt)
    • Victoria Paul of The Bachelor 24 (Peter)
  • Breakout fan favorites from The Bachelor franchise are back and ready for a second (or third) chance at finding love. They may have left their respective seasons brokenhearted, but now they have the opportunity to travel to a romantic paradise in hopes of turning a potential summer fling into the real thing.

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