Hasbro Pulse Team Reassembles to Reveal “Marvel’s What If…?” Wave of Marvel Legends Series Figures

The Hasbro Pulse team reassembled today to reveal a wave of Marvel Legends Series figures based on the upcoming Disney+ series Marvel's What If…?, ahead of the show’s debut next month. We also got a look at plenty of other new figures and an update on the recently announced Galactus HasLab project.

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  • The livestream started off with a look at the new wave of figures, which is primarily focused on Marvel’s What If…?
  • These figures also give us an interesting tease of what we can expect to see when this new series hits Disney+ on August 11.
  • This new wave of figures are sold individually or as an eight figure case. Available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth.

Star-Lord (T’Challa)

  • Marvel Legends What If? T'Challa Star-Lord Action Figure – $22.99
    • What if… T'Challa was picked up by the Ravagers instead of Peter Quill? T'Challa grew up in space and became Star-Lord, now living adventures through the galaxy.
    • 6-Inch Figure
    • Includes a build-a-figure part to make Uatu the Watcher, alternate head and two blasters

Doctor Strange Supreme

  • Marvel Legends What If? Doctor Strange Supreme 6-Inch Action Figure – $22.99
    • What if… Stephen Strange took a different oath? When an unforeseen event changes Stephen Strange's perspective on life, the path he chooses is one filled with even darker magic.
    • 6-Inch Figure
    • Includes a build-a-figure part to make Uatu the Watcher, an alternate head, hand and a cape

Zombie Captain America

Zombie Hunter Spider-Man

  • Marvel Legends What If? Zombie Hunter Spidey 6-Inch Action Figure – $22.99
    • What if… Spider-Man had a slightly different job? Zombie Hunter Spider-Man is in a ragtag group of survivors, fighting his way through a zombie-infested world.
    • 6-Inch Figure
    • Includes a build-a-figure part to make Uatu the Watcher, alternate head, alternate hands and cape


  • Marvel Legends What If? Heist Nebula 6-Inch Action Figure – $22.99
    • What if… things went better for one of the Daughters of Thanos? Tech savvy and brave, Nebula is an intergalactic opportunist who is ready for adventure.
    • 6-Inch Figure
    • Includes a build-a-figure part to make Uatu the Watcher, alternate hands and a blaster

Captain Carter

  • Marvel Legends What If? Captain Carter 6-Inch Action Figure – $22.99
    • What if… Peggy took the serum? With the super soldier program in peril, Peggy Carter ravely participates by becoming Captain Carter
    • 6-Inch Figure
    • Includes a build-a-figure part to make Uatu the Watcher, Cap Carter's shield
  • The wave is not entirely made up of What If…? figures however. With Marvel’s Loki just wrapping up, the team also took the opportunity to introduce their first ever Sylvie figure.


  • Marvel Legends What If? Loki Sylvie 6-Inch Action Figure – $22.99
    • What if… things went differently for a Loki? Laser-focused and relentless, Sylvie is the TVA's most formidable villain.
    • 6-Inch Figure
    • Includes a build-a-figure part to make Uatu the Watcher, a blade, and alternate hands.
  • And of course, no wave would be complete without a Build-a-Figure and with this wave being mostly dedicated to What If…?, the obvious choice was none other than Uatu the Watcher.

Uatu the Watcher

  • Even after that wave though, the team wasn’t quite done with What If…? They also introduced a Hydra Stomper figure that could pair perfectly with that Captain Carter figure.

Hydra Stomper

  • Marvel Legends The Hydra Stomper 6-inch Scale Action Figure – $49.99
    • In this universe, Steve Rogers is injured and fights in "The Hydra Stomper," an Iron Man armor created by Howard Stark!
    • 9 2/5-inch Figure
    • Multiple points of articulation
    • Includes alternate hands, two blast effects and retro jet pack
  • The team then jumped into an array of other figures, including the next addition to their cosmic wave.
  • This new Binary figure will be a Walgreens and EBGames exclusive.


  • They also went all the way back to Spider-Man: Homecoming to share a look at a remade Vulture figure based on the character’s design from that film.
  • This new figures will be a Target exclusive.


  • The team then jumped back into some Avengers history to reveal a new figure based on a classic character.
  • This new Tigra figure, with its classic packaging, will be available for preorder tomorrow at 1 PM ET.


  • Marvel Legends Avengers Tigra 6-inch Action – $22.99
    • Tigra comes in retro packaging, just like your favorite Toy Biz action figures from the 1990s! T
    • 6-Inch Figure
    • Comes with alternate fists and alternate head
  • We also got a look at the next troop builder figure, which will be the Hand ninjas in their black outfits.

The Hand Ninja

  • The team discussed the Galactus HasLab Galactus project, which currently sits at about 5,000 backers short of reaching its minimum goal to go into production.
  • In order to make the new figure a bit more enticing, they gave us a look at a teaser image that include the silhouettes of two figures with would seemingly be included with Galactus.

  • The popular theory among fans is that these two figures will be the Silver Surfer and Nova.
  • You can back the Marvel Legends Galactus HasLab project here.
  • The team also took some questions from fans and provided some interesting insight as to how they go about designing these incredible figures.
  • Finally, Dwight gave us his trademark tease by saying he didn’t want to spread “fear, doubt and hate” alluding to the Fantastic Four villain Psycho-Man.
  • This would make sense in terms of timing as a new Fantastic Four wave would likely be coming with the planned release of the Galactus figure as well.
  • You can watch the full Hasbro Pulse Fan First Wednesday event below: