There is only about a week left to back the HasLab Marvel Legends Series Galactus figure and they are getting very close to their goal of 14,000 backers. Today, Hasbro Pulse shared a video showing off the assembly of the massive new figure.

  • The new video shows off this incredible new figure being assembled in a timelapse.
  • The figure was first announced on July 16 and since then, HasLab as acquired more than 13,000 backers for the project and remains just a few hundred away from the goal.

About the Galactus figure from HasLab:

  • The figure consists of 300+ pieces and features 70+ points of articulation, including 20 in each hand!
  • Galactus also features LEDs in both his head and his chest as well as three swappable face plates.
  • This new Galactus figure is part of the HasLab crowdfunding program and Hasbro is currently looking for 14,000 backers to fund it.
  • You can back the project now for $399.99. Those who back the project will also receive a Marvel Insider Points Redemption code (70,000 points per purchase, limit 2 code redemptions per account) & all three digital comics issues of the Galactus Trilogy (Fantastic Four #48-50, Lee/Kirby, 1966) to read in the Marvel Comics app.
  • This HasLab project will run through August 30, 2021. If successfully backed, the project will begin shipping around Fall 2022.
  • This is the second Marvel HasLab project to be announced by Hasbro. Last year, they introduced their 26.3-inch Sentinel figure, which was successfully backed in just over a day. Now, that massive figure has been dwarfed by this new Galactus.
  • As was the case with the Sentinel, the Hasbro Pulse team teased some extras that will be included with this Galactus figure if certain numbers of backers are reached, including a Nova (Frankie Raye) figure.