“Marvel’s Avengers” 2021 Roadmap Brings Spider-Man and More Soon

The team over at Square Enix has shared an updated roadmap for content coming to Marvel’s Avengers, including the launch of Spider-Man exclusively on Playstation coming Fall/Winter of 2021.

(Square Enix)

(Square Enix)

What’s Happening:

  • Marvel’s Avengers has shared highlights of what’s to come to the ever evolving game for the rest of 2021, including the launch of Spider-Man exclusively on Playstation, the first raid featuring Klaw, and more as the game celebrates its one-year anniversary.

Marvel’s Avengers Roadmap:

  • September 2 – 16, players who log in and complete all story-based campaigns (Reassemble, Taking Aim, Future Imperfect, and War for Wakanda) will get a celebratory nameplate.
  • Three in-game community activities coming in September including Priority Rush Missions allowing players to complete one Priority Mission every day instead of once a week, an activity increasing spawn rates of Cargo Runner Synthoid, and a third offering additional rewards for completing Campaign Flashback missions.
  • More MCU-inspired outfits are coming to the Marketplace, including a Disney+ Hawkeye nameplate challenge.
  • One of the most anticipated updates is the addition of Spider-Man, coming exclusively to Playstation, and more information will be shared soon as the hero will be joining later this year.
  • Square Enix also mentioned that plans for 2022 will be shared at a later date.

System Reworks

  • Upgrading gear from power level 100 to the new power level cap will be coming as they also take a look at Hero Set Gear, making it clearer on how to obtain items.
  • Resources will be more streamlined, giving them a single specific purpose.
  • Earnable cosmetics through gameplay are coming,including items that were only available in the Marketplace.

Klaw Raid:

  • Players will soon be able to battle Klaw in a riad event in both standard (Player level 150-160) and Elite modes (Player level 160-175) which will offer a conclusion to Klaue’s story from War for Wakanda.
  • The raid will feature new enemies called Echoes, created by Klaw, just for this experience.

More on Marvel’s Avengers:

  • Marvel’s Avengers is a third-person, action-adventure game that combines an original, cinematic story with single-player and cooperative gameplay.
  • Assemble into a team of up to four players online, master abilities, customize a roster of Heroes, and defend the Earth from escalating threats.
  • You can buy Marvel’s Avengers now on Amazon, and check out Mack’s review of the game.
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