WildSmiles Announces Second Collection of Disney-Themed Elastics

WildSmiles Braces and Disney have teamed up for a new collaboration of Disney-themed elastics that will have fans proudly showing off their pearly whites. Whether it’s brackets or elastics, braces wearers will have something to smile about when Disney is part of their orthodontic plan.

What’s Happening:

  • Here’s some news to grin about, WildSmiles Braces has announced their second collaboration with Disney.
  • In honor of Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary Celebration, WildSmiles Braces has introduced a new collection of Disney-themed elastics featuring beloved characters:
    • Woody and Jessie
    • Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head
    • Mickey and Minnie
    • And more
  • The Disney-themed bag of durable, flexible, and fun elastics of colored intraoral elastics come in boxes of latex and latex-free, fitting any child’s treatment needs.
  • Each box of elastics comes in a variety of sizes containing 50 bags of 100 elastics.
  • The elastics come as an addition to the Disney collection including brackets in the shape of the iconic Mickey Mouse ears.

Bring Home the Smiles: 

  • Patients who know their elastic prescription can order the new Disney-themed elastics on the WildSmiles website or request them from their orthodontic provider.
  • Additionally, patients interested in receiving WildSmiles brackets, can contact their local orthodontist and request for them to become a provider.