Imagineer Zach Riddley Shares Fun Facts About Spaceship Earth’s Beacon of Magic Lighting Package

Imagineer Zach Riddley has once again signed into his Instagram account, this time sharing some “fun facts” about the new lighting package installed on EPCOT’s Spaceship Earth that has been wowing crowds since it debuted late last month.

What’s Happening:

  • Walt Disney Imagineering Site Portfolio Executive Zach Riddley has taken to his Instagram once again, this time sharing some fun facts about the lighting system installed on EPCOT’s Spaceship Earth.
  • The lighting system is a permanent addition to the park’s icon, but is currently used in helping turn Spaceship Earth into a Beacon of Magic for the World’s Most Magical Celebration marking the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World.

  • In his post, Riddley shares that many guests have asked how this lighting system works, and he says he went straight to the source – Imagineering lighting designers responsible for this experience – Jason Read and Galen Lande – to give some answers and provide a few fun facts that he reveals for the first time ever on his social media account.
  • He shares that the new system is capable of generating more than 30 million lumens of light – equivalent to more than 35,000 standard light bulbs.
  • Riddley adds that in addition to the integrated LED fixtures, lights from 14 locations shine onto Spaceship Earth, giving designers much more artistic flexibility to blend colors and achieve the classic color gradients Spaceship Earth has always been known for.
  • Roughly 60 miles of cable was installed for the project, enough cable to travel around the World Showcase Lagoon more than 45 times! With nearly 2000 fixtures, there are nearly 12,000 side-firing beams that produce the iconic starburst effects.

  • You can watch one of the performances of Spaceship Earth as a Beacon of Magic in our video above. These shows stun bystanders in EPCOT’s entry plaza (and throughout the park) periodically numerous times throughout the night.

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