Voice Cast of “Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy” Cracks Up in Blooper Reel

The voice cast of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy appeared to have a lot of fun making the hit video game. Marvel shared a blooper reel featuring some of the actors behind your favorite characters cracking up.

  • The video features:
    • Jon McLaren (voice of Star-Lord)
    • Jason Cavalier (voice of Drax)
    • Kimberly-Sue Murray (voice of Gamora)
    • Alex Weiner (voice of Rocket Raccoon)
  • We get to see them attempt to deliver some of their lines from the game, but fail when it comes to controlling their laughter.
  • Most of the laughs are caused, unsurprisingly, by Cavalier’s Drax.
  • You can check out the Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy blooper reel below:

About Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy:

  • The game, which released in October, sees the beloved team of heroes come together for a brand new adventure.
  • Many of your favorite characters are back:
    • Explosive specialist Rocket is well-equipped to dish out area-of-effect damage
    • Groot provides unparalleled defensive support
    • Drax powers through any resistance head-on and Gamora lends swift and precise swordsmanship to the squad
    • As Star-Lord, players will call the shots both on the battlefield and throughout the story.
  • The game took home the award for “Best Narrative” at The Game Awards 2021.
  • You can order Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy now. And check out Chris’s review of the game here.