Have a Healthy and Happy 2022 with Fun Disney nuiMOs Outdoor Sports and Workout Fashions

If your favorite Disney nuiMOs could use a couple of new wardrobe updates, shopDisney has you covered with their latest collection of snow gear and workout accessories!

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What’s Happening:

  • As we welcome a new year and stick to our resolutions for 2022, the nuiMOs are joining in the fun with fun fashions that are all about outdoor sports and fitness.
  • This year the adorable plushes can help you stay on track with your goals to enjoy more outdoor adventures, all thanks to fashion!
  • A new collection of sportswear and gear has debuted on shopDisney including:
    • Snowboarding suits and goggles
    • Bike shorts and sneakers
    • Yoga Mat
    • Tracksuit
  • No matter how you and your nuiMOs play this year, you can have a grand time with these sensible styles that promote a variety of fun sports you can enjoy together.
  • The latest nuiMO outfits are available now on shopDisney. Links to individual items can be found below.

Disney nuiMOs Outfit – T-Shirt with Bike Shorts and Sneakers

Disney nuiMOs Outfit – Color-Blocked Windbreaker with Tank Top and Joggers

Disney nuiMOs Outfit – Purple Snow Jacket with Snowpants and Snowboard Goggles

Disney nuiMOs Outfit – Black and Orange Snow Jacket with Snowpants and Snowboard Goggles

Disney nuiMOs Accessories – Gym Bag and Yoga Mat Accessories Set

Disney nuiMOs Outfit – Mesh Hoodie with Active Skirt and Sneakers

Disney nuiMOs Outfit – Windbreaker Track Suit with Track Pants and Hat

More Disney nuiMOs:

  • Today is also the debut of the newest Disney nuiMO friend, Belle!
  • The Beauty and the Beast princess is dressed in her yellow gown and is ready for an enchanting evening.
  • She’s one of more than 15 poseable plush available in the collection.

Belle Disney nuiMOs Plush – Beauty and the Beast