Six Flags Magic Mountain Now Offering Pay-Per-Ride Flash Pass Option

Following the introduction of Disney Genie+ and the pay-per-ride Lightning Lanes at Walt Disney World and Disneyland, it was inevitable that another theme park chain would try their hand at individual skip-the-line passes. According to the OC Register, Six Flags Magic Mountain has bit the bullet and introduced their own skip-the-line pass.

What’s Happening:

  • Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, CA has launched a single-use, pay-per-ride Flash Pass on four of their most popular roller coasters: West Coast Racers, Twisted Colossus, Full Throttle and Goliath.
  • Just as with Disney Genie+, Magic Mountain’s new pay-to-ride Flash Pass is optional, with visitors still able to opt to wait in standby lines for any ride.
  • Unlike Disney Genie+, Magic Mountain’s single use Flash Pass is only available on certain days.
  • Flash Pass single-ride prices range from $5 to $25 per person and vary per ride and by day.
  • Today, January 17th, Twisted Colossus and West Coast Racers were priced at $12 per person per ride while Full Throttle and Goliath cost $14.
  • The new Flash Pass Skip-the-Line program will be available at Magic Mountain for the foreseeable future, according to Six Flags officials.
  • Other parks in the Six Flags chain, such as the original Six Flags Over Texas, have also been testing a pay-per-ride Flash Pass system.

How It Works:

  • Visitors will use their smartphones to scan the Flash Pass Skip-the-Line VR code at ride entrances and select the coaster they would like to ride, their preferred return time and party size.
  • When their return time arrives, riders enter through the Flash Pass line and let the ride attendant scan the Skip-the-Line barcode before boarding the coaster.
  • Flash Pass Skip-the-Line can be purchased at any time during the day and return time slots are distributed based on availability starting at 3:00 PM per ride each day. The Skip-the-line option can only be booked for time slots 3:00 PM or later and availability is limited.
  • The single-ride Flash Pass must be purchased on a per person basis for each ride.