Photos/Video: Ice Breaker Officially Opens at SeaWorld Orlando

After almost two years worth of delays, SeaWorld Orlando finally broke the ice this morning by officially opening up their brand new roller coaster, Ice Breaker. We were at the park this morning to take in the festivities.

While Ice Breaker officially opened today, it has been undergoing various previews for a few weeks now.

Check out Tony’s report from the first day of previews for Ice Breaker.

Likely thanks in part to all the Pass Member previews, wait times this morning weren’t too high, hovering between 30-45 minutes.

Below, watch our video of the grand opening ceremony for Ice Breaker:

As with the opening of any new attraction comes a slew of new merchandise. Ice Breaker is no different. Guests will be able to purchase hats, shirts, water bottles, pins, and patches. They will also have the chance to buy what is surely one of the newer entries in the collection of CoasterDynamix’ Nanocoaster Models, a miniature of the brand-new Ice Breaker coaster itself.

This wonderful artwork is available in two different fashions.

Ice Breaker is now officially open to all guests at SeaWorld Orlando. Get out there and break the ice!