Video: New ORAC-5 Narration Debuts on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover

Disney fans were surprised today when a brand-new narration was heard on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover at the Magic Kingdom.

What’s Happening:

  • Throughout this updated narration on the classic Walt Disney World attraction, you are guided by the voice of ORAC-5. The ORAC name is a reference back to an old narration for the attraction, featuring ORAC-1, the “Commuter Computer,” which was in place from 1985-1994.
  • There is also a separate voice announcing your arrival at a new location, along with the classic chime used in the 1994 “New Tomorrowland” narration.
  • ORAC-5 now references the upcoming TRON Lightcycle / Run attraction.
  • An ad for the Coral Moons retreat featured in the Space Mountain exit queue plays as the PeopleMover travels above, complete with a musical cue.

  • Throughout the narration, there are plenty of call backs to previous narrations, such as:
    • Visitors from galaxy M31 are asked to “keep forward facing tentacles clear of oncoming vehicles.”
    • The beloved “Paging Mr. Morrow” line remains intact with the same wording from the previous narration, just re-recorded.
    • Referring to the Astro Orbiter as “our celestial symbol of interplanetary harmony and fellowship.”
  • Buzz Lightyear still addresses guests as the PeopleMover glides through his attraction.
  • Some lines also reference previous Tomorrowland attractions, such as The Timekeeper, Flight to the Moon and “The Best Time of Your Life” song from the Carousel of Progress.
  • Additionally, the safety announcements have been updated. No more 1975 Jack Wagner voice when the “PeopleMover stops temporarily.”
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