Talking Trash Can Returns to EPCOT

Long-time visitors to Walt Disney World will now have a bit of their nostalgia restored thanks to the return of a rambling rubbish bin that can now be found at EPCOT.

What’s Happening:

  • Disney fans visiting EPCOT may encounter something that seems a bit familiar to the EPCOT (or Tomorrowland) of the past.
  • Those visiting the Odyssey building, the former home of the EPCOT Experience attraction that served as a preview center for all the projects coming to the park, may encounter a trash can that has some voices coming from it.
  • The trash can is fully functional as a refuse receptacle, it just has something to say when you throw your items away.

  • Where previous talking trash cans that were found around the Disney Parks were fully mobile and completely interactive (thanks to the assistance of a live performer who was undercover nearby), this trash can is stationary and all dialogue coming from the bin seems to be pre-recorded, similar to one previously found at the Electric Umbrella Restaurant prior to its closure several years ago.
  • It is unclear at this time if this is some kind of test for more talking trash cans to appear throughout EPCOT or Disney Parks in general, or if this is just a magical trash can that fans can find tucked away in this portion of the park.

  • Again, the talking trash can is currently located in the Odyssey building between World Discovery and World Showcase nearer to Test Track and the Mexico pavilion. Though the building previously housed The EPCOT Experience, it is still open during festivals and select special events. Be sure to check if the building is open on your next visit so you too can encounter the talking trash can.

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