Photos: Cosplay Showcase from D23 Expo 2022 Day Three

Nevermind the panels, sometimes the most exciting things to be found on the D23 Expo showfloor are the creative cosplayers. Here are just a few who stopped by the Laughing Place booth and walked the showfloor on Sunday.

Maleficent showed off some very impressive wings on the showfloor.

Of course, there were also plenty of princesses around. Like Aurora.

Rapunzel and Pascal (maybe, he’s hard to see).

Ariel is ready for her wedding.

A more casual Ariel and provincial Belle.

And then there’s the queen herself: Anna.

The Mad Hatter was ready for tea time with Mrs. Potts in hand.

A couple of Walt Disney World icons: Orange Bird and Dreamfinder.

And this Orange Bird is “nice!”

Mary Poppins may be asking for some bad luck here.

Is the D23 Expo showfloor actually stretching?

This hilarious and adorable recreation of the Madrigal family.

Timothy Q. Mouse is a lot taller than I remember.

A Wilderness Explorer is a friend to all, be it plants or fish or tiny mole.

Ken was showing off his fashion sense.

Even Disneyland Custodial made an appearance!

Ursula graced us poor, unfortunate souls with her presence.

Do do dodo. If you know, you know.

Mirabel was searching for her gift.

Bekah tried to join in on the Spider powers. Also, check out Spidey’s shades.

She-Hulk made an appearance. I wonder if Wong was around to help out at all.

This Wanda is almost scarily perfect. Look at her hands!

Chip and Gadget showed up but they didn’t bring ugly Sonic. Oh, or Dale.

And finally, Walt Disney himself was there to remind us that it all started with a mouse.

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