Disney+ Shares Clip from “The Wonderful Autumn of Mickey Mouse” – Premiering This Friday, November 18th

Disney+ has released a new clip from the upcoming seasonal animated special, The Wonderful Autumn of Mickey Mouse.

What’s Happening:

  • Continuing Mickey’s journey, The Wonderful Autumn of Mickey Mouse is the fourth installment of seasonal-extended length specials that are themed to each season.
  • The special takes place in a leafy hamlet, where Mickey Mouse is determined to undo the failures of his family's past after inheriting a rundown pumpkin farm from a distant relative, and the epic legend of its futility.
  • Taking place at a Harvest Festival, the newly released clip features a very orange-dressed Ranger Woodlore introducing the “Worst Farmer Ever” – Gulpepper Mouse, who Goofy not-so-subtly points out is Mickey’s ancestor.

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