Cyber Monday: Regal Robot Offers 30% Off Star Wars Decor – Mandalorian Sculptures, Boba Fett Plaques, More

Several times in the past Laughing Place has sung the praises of the themed decor and furniture company Regal Robot, and right now is the perfect time for Star Wars fans to pick up some of their amazing items at a rare discount, in a Black Friday sale that has carried over to Cyber Monday.

Indeed, today is the last chance for shoppers to purchase Regal Robot’s in-stock decor for 30% off– this includes items like the above-pictured Mythosaur and Mudhorn skulls from The Mandalorian– and free shipping on the below Tauntaun and Max Rebo maquette sculptures from The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, magnets, plaques, and more fun stuff.

What’s happening:

  • Regal Robot, the popular themed furniture company and official Lucasfilm licensee, has a Cyber Monday deal for 30% in-stock Star Wars decor.
  • Items include The Mandalorian sculptures, plaques depicting art from the original Star Wars trilogy and Boba Fett’s insignias, magnets representing grav charges, restraining bolts, holoprojectors, the Rancor gate control button from Return of the Jedi, famously severed arms and hands from the Star Wars franchise, and the heads of beasts like Rancors, Dewbacks, and Tauntauns.
  • Speaking of Tauntauns, fans can also pick up a signed concept maquette replica of the famous snow lizard from The Empire Strikes Back with free shipping, and the same offer applies to the numbered Max Rebo concept maquette replica from Jabba’s Palace’s Max Rebo Band and the Gamorrean Fighter concept maquette replica from The Mandalorian.

What they’re saying:

  • Regal Robot: “Some of the most unique Star Wars gifts can be found at Regal Robot and they’re running their biggest sale ever through Cyber Monday. Rare deals include savings like 30% off in-stock Star Wars décor, flash-sale pricing on popular Boba Fett inspired creations and free shipping on select replicas. But act fast, as these deals are while-supplies-last for in-stock items only, and they end Monday night!”

Be sure to visit Regal Robot’s official sale website to take advantage of their Black Friday / Cyber Monday deal.