Director Patty Jenkins Addresses Rumors Surrounding Her Projects, Says “Star Wars: Rogue Squadron” is “in Active Development”

After Disney removed Star Wars: Rogue Squadron from their release schedule back in September, director Patty Jenkins’ third Wonder Woman film was scrapped by Warner Bros. Amid a series of rumors, Jenkins took to her Twitter account to straighten some things out.

  • Patty Jenkins posted a statement on Twitter, addressing rumors regarding both Wonder Woman 3 and Star Wars: Rogue Squadron.
  • Jenkins’ post says Rogue Squadron “has been in active development.”
  • This comes after Disney removed the project from the schedule a few months ago, which Jenkins says was a result of her not wanting to delay Wonder Woman 3 any further.
  • However, Jenkins says Lucasfilm asked her to return to the project after Wonder Woman 3 and she agreed to do so, resulting in a deal she is currently on with the studio.
  • Despite renewing hope for the project, Jenkins went on to say she doesn’t “know if it will happen or not. We never do until the development process is complete, but I look forward to its potential ahead.”
  • The primary purpose of Jenkins’ post was to address rumors of her leaving Wonder Woman 3, which she says was not the case.
    • “I never walked away. I was open to considering anything asked of me. It was my understanding there was nothing I could do to move anything forward at this time.”
  • You can see Jenkins’ full post below: