Photos: Two New Booths Join the Lunar New Year Celebration Line-Up at Disney California Adventure

With the Lunar New Year Celebration beginning today at Disney California Adventure, let’s take a look at this year’s line-up of food booths, which includes two brand new booths! Be sure to check out the Lunar New Year Foodie Guide for full menus for all the food booths.

We begin in Paradise Gardens, where a small kiosk features a Teriyaki Turkey Leg and Baked Coconut Almond Nian Gao.

Paradise Garden Grill receives a new menu just for Lunar New Year.

We continue with some of the returning booths, such as Longevity Noodle Co. in front of the Golden Zephyr, featuring two different noodle dishes.

Prosperity Bao & Buns features a Pepperoni Pizza Bao Bun and a Char Siu BBQ Pork Bao. Of course, all the booths also feature speciality drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

Red Dragon Spice Traders offers Red Spice Fried Chicken Bites and Gochujang Elote.

The final returning booth this year is Lucky 8 Lantern, located over by the Grizzly River Run lift hill. Here you can partake in a Quesabirria Egg Roll or a Mandarin Mousse Cake, as well as a specialty coffee drink.

The first of two new booths this year is Wrapped with Love, offering Pork & Shrimp Wontons and Bok Choy & Mushroom Dumplings.

The second new booth is Bamboo Blessings, which offers a Mickey Mouse-shaped Hot Dog Bun and Mickey Mouse-shaped Purple Sweet Potato Macaron.

A good time saver allows you to order all your food at one booth, picking them up at the separate booths.

Kayla’s Cake, who have a permanent kiosk in Downtown Disney, are selling Custard Egg Tarts for Lunar New Year.

Of course, you can also purchase a Sip and Savor Pass with six tabs on it, allowing you to save some money on tastings.

Stay tuned to Laughing Place for more from the opening day of the Lunar New Year Celebration at Disney California Adventure!