Photos: Additional Earth and Space Lot Signage Installed in the EPCOT Parking Lot

This past Friday, January 20th, new names and signage for the various sections of the EPCOT parking lot were introduced. While at the park today, we noticed a few additional changes.

What’s Happening:

  • The EPCOT parking lot has now been divided into Space and Earth, with the subsections named after eight characters who currently have or will soon have some connection to the park and its themes.
  • With this change, new signage pointing to the Earth Tram and Space Tram has been added. While tram service has yet to return to EPCOT, the new signage could indicate a return sometime in the near future.

  • The new EPCOT parking lot sections are:
    • Wall•E
    • Eve
    • Rocket
    • Gamora
    • Moana
    • Heihei
    • Crush
    • Dory
  • Wall•E, Eve, Rocket and Gamora fall under the Space Lots, while Moana, Heihei, Crush and Dory make up the Earth Lots.
  • The new names replace the former section names, which were Amaze, Create, Discover, Explore, Imagine, Journey, and Wonder.
  • While most of the sections have received brand new signage, the Heihei lot (which is closest to the park entrance) is reusing the old signage structure. In fact, if you look closely, you can still see the embossed Journey wording underneath.

  • Signs for the rest of the lots feature this sleek new design, and have even been installed deeper into the lot, to help guests find their vehicle a little bit more easily.

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