Loki Ear Headband, Alligator Loki Plush Return to shopDisney on April 3rd

A lot is happening at shopDisney tomorrow, but the biggest drop for Marvel fans is Loki merchandise. And guess what? Two of the items are long awaited restocks. That’s right, the Alligator Loki plush is coming back along with the (OMG it’s amazing) LOKI EAR HEADBAND!

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What’s Happening: 

  • Oh my gosh! I thought this day would never come! At long last the Loki ear headband is coming back in stock on shopDisney along with the third return of the Alligator Loki plush.
  • Earlier today, shopDisney tweeted about the pending return and fans are already stoked for the chance to purchase these glorious items.

  • Are we even on the Sacred Timeline anymore? I don’t know but I do know you’re going to want these ears. I mean look at the joy on Bekah’s face in this picture! Thes are her FAVORITE ears.

  • If ear headbands aren’t your thing, then maybe you’ll want to welcome the Alligator Loki plush to your collection.
  • The golden horned reptile has been a huge hit with fans and the original version has come to shopDisney twice, quickly selling out both times.
  • This time though, he’s a bit smaller (and therefore less expensive) measuring only 18″ from nose to tail instead of the 31″ length of the first iteration.  

  • Along the ears and plush shopDisney also has a few other items inspired by the God of Mischief including  a miniature magnetic shoulder plush of Alligator Loki, a crossbody bag, and a baseball cap.
  • New and returning Loki gear comes to shopDisney on April 3rd and prices range from $19.99-$39.99.
  • Links to the awesome assortment can be found below!

Free shipping at shopDisney:

Don’t forget that shopDisney purchases of $75+ (pre tax) qualify for free standard shipping. Just use the code SHIPMAGIC at checkout.

Loki Ear Headband for Adults – $29.99

Alligator Loki Plush – Loki – 18" – $26.99

Alligator Loki Magnetic Shoulder Plush – Loki – 9" – $19.99

Loki Baseball Cap for Adults – $29.99

Loki "Master of Mischief" Crossbody Bag – $39.99