Tony Gilroy Steps Away From “Andor” During Writers Strike

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tony Gilroy is no longer performing any non-writing duties for the Star Wars series Andor.

What's Happening:

  • Tony Gilroy has shared that he is no longer performing any non-writing duties for the Disney+ show, Andor.
  • It was reported on Friday that the scripts for Season 2 were completed, and Gilroy was still contributing producing services, including casting and music-related duties.
  • Gilroy says he has not been present on the show since the strike against the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers began on May 2.
  • "I discontinued all writing and writing-related work on Andor prior to midnight, May 1. After being briefed on the Saturday showrunner meeting, I informed Chris Keyser at the WGA on Sunday morning that I would also be ceasing all non-writing producing functions," Gilroy said in a statement.
  • Lucasfilm has not commented on the situation.
  • Last week, Disney sent a letter to writer-producers explaining that they were still expected to perform their non-writing producing duties.