RockLove Shares Sneak Peek at Heart of Te Fiti Necklace Joining the “Moana” Collection Later This Year

This month, RockLove is heading to the island of Motunui and bringing along a Moana collection that will capture the heart of every voyager. However the series is notably missing a Heart of Te Fiti element…but not for long! RockLove shared a sneak peek behind the scenes revealing that the lovely stone locket Moana wears is in the works and heading this way by the end of the year.

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What’s Happening: 

  • RockLove Jewelry has been bringing Disney fans gorgeous collections for years and they’ve got more exciting styles on the way.
  • In fact this week they announced the upcoming launch of a Moana Collection that’s inspired by the bold voyager and her love for the ocean. The collection will include earrings, rings, and pendant necklaces all debuting at the same time, however, later in the year, the line will grow to include a necklace reminiscent of Moana’s locket.
Disney x RockLove Moana Collection coming September 14th!

Disney x RockLove Moana Collection coming September 14th!

  • RockLove’s Heart of Te Fiti necklace will be a modern take on Moana’s cherished talisman designed in a way that’s comfortable for everyday wear.
  • In their announcement, they note that they’ve put in “great effort sourcing, sculpting, and refining our version of Moana's necklace.” RockLove says that the necklace is “painstakingly crafted in heirloom quality” and anticipates a Holiday 2023 launch.
  • Additionally, for this piece, RockLove is working with abalone and shares their commitment to sustainability and ethically sourcing the prized shell. You can read the statement below:

One of the most time consuming and important artistic liberties we are taking in the creation of this necklace is the way in which we are working with abalone. Abalone is one of the most famous and favorite marine creature delicacies in Eastern dishes, and due to its popularity, great care is put into sustainable commercial abalone farming.

RockLove has specifically chosen to inlay a mosaic pattern of small squares to the pendant surface as it is the MOST sustainable way to utilize 100% of a lustrous abalone shell.  We look forward to unveiling to you our final design!

  • RockLove’s Moana Collection launches on September 14th at 9am PT. The Heart of Te Fiti Necklace is expected to debut during the 2023 Holiday season.
  • Check back soon for a link to this beautiful necklace.

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