Hulu Introduces “Top 15 Today” Trending Feature of Movies and Shows

Hulu has implemented a new “Top 15 Today” feature that highlights the most popular TV shows and films on the Disney-owned streaming service.

What’s Happening:

  • Similar to the “Trending” section on Disney+, Hulu now gives subscribers insight into what’s popular through a new section called “Top 15 Today.”
  • “Top 15 Today” is a combination of TV shows and movies that were the most watched over the past 24 hours, updated daily between 11 a.m. and 12 p.m. PT.
  • Hulu defines views as the total stream time divided by the runtime available.
  • The algorithm that determines placement also takes into account the growing popularity of new shows and movies released during that time frame.
  • Unlike similar functions on streaming providers like Netflix, Hulu’s list is specific to episodes of TV shows rather than a series as a whole. The algorithm will only highlight the most-watched episode of a series to ensure that one popular show doesn’t take more than one slot per day.
  • “Top 15 Today” is not available on kids’ profiles.
  • At the time of this announcement, Hulu’s Top 15 Today list included the following:
  • The majority of the list today is comprised of content owned by The Walt Disney Company, including 5 Hulu Originals. Only 3 titles on the list are licensed from another company (The Intern, Ready Player One, Max Max: Fury Road), all of which are owned by Warner Bros. Discovery.
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Alex Reif
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