We’ve reached the end of our Funko Disney Treasures journey, at least for now. The seventh and final subscription crate loses the treasure chest theme, opting instead for luggage iconography. As with the previous crate, this one also lacks a map or list of contents.

The patch is themed to Peter Pan while the pin is foxy Robin Hood.

The first item I removed was a luggage tag shaped like Stitch. It’s a soft, flexible rubber and the back has a window to the contact card. To remove the card, you have to take off the strap to slide it out and add your details. Stitch is ready for your next adventure!

The Mystery Mini Tin is themed to Pixar’s Incredibles 2. The tin features artwork depicting scenes from the upcoming film, while the figure inside is Mrs. Incredible, aka Elastigirl, aka Helen Parr.

The star of this box is Orville with Bernard and Bianca from The Rescuers as a Pop! Vinyl figure. It’s so big that one of his wings is intentionally detached so that he fits in the box. The wing is easy to snap into place and can also be removed in case you ever need to repackage him. It’s one of the most beautiful figures they’ve ever released.

Loose in the box is an Adventue sticker like the one on the exterior.

I’m sad to see the Disney Treasures subscription service come to an end. But in the official Funko announcement, they suggested that the line could continue as a retailer exclusive. My fingers are crossed that someone like Box Lunch continues the tradition. So perhaps it’s not au revoir but a beintot.

If you want to relive the fun of every previous Disney Treasures crate, be sure to check out our past reviews.



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