Now that 2019 has made its grand entrance, we too are excited to usher in a new feature on Laughing Place. There is so much happening at the Disney Parks around the world in 2019 and beyond that it can be hard to keep tabs on everything. That’s why we’ve organized the latest updates on each of these exciting in-the-works projects and put the information all in one convenient location. We are excited to announce the Laughing Place Project Tracker.

Laughing Place Project Tracker:

  • The Laughing Place Project Tracker is our central location for all announced Disney:
    • Attractions
    • Entertainment
    • Lands
    • Ocean vessels
    • Resort Hotels
    • Restaurants
    • And (maybe one day) Future parks.
  • We cover updates around the world at all six Disney Resorts consisting of twelve parks, multiple shopping/dining districts, and resort hotels.
  • The Project Tracker offers brief descriptions, scheduled opening dates, pictures, videos and more.
  • We’ll update projects as The Walt Disney Company makes new announcements, and publicly releases information, details, and pictures.

Why it’s awesome:

  • Everything is located in one place making it easy to keep up to date with Disney’s progress.
  • Knowing when something is scheduled to open, or if it’s been delayed, helps with the vacation planning process.
  • You can keep tabs on how a specific project is progressing by bookmarking its dedicated page or view a round-up of what’s coming to each resort by visiting our Project Tracker landing pages.
  • Seeing is believing, right? As Disney releases pictures and videos, or we get to experience something, we’ll update the Project Tracker with all the media available to us.

What it doesn’t cover:

  • The goal of the Project Tracker is to follow the development of new and permanent offerings. Because of this, common updates such as refurbishments, special overlays, and returning events will not be detailed here.
  • That said, you can always find these kinds of updates posted in our news section or in our event guides.
  • Lastly, because the Project Tracker covers additions that have been announced and confirmed, you won’t find any rumored projects listed.

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