What is the Laughing Place Project Tracker? We’re glad you asked! Our Project Tracker takes a look at all announced attractions, entertainment, and restaurants coming to Disney Parks around the world. Here you’ll find brief descriptions, scheduled opening dates, pictures, videos and more. We’ll update projects as The Walt Disney Company makes new announcements, and publicly releases information, details, and pictures.

Project Trackers

List of all Projects

Epcot TransformationWalt Disney WorldIn Development2020 and BeyondWalt Disney World-Epcot TransformationIn Development-Epcot Transformation-Epcot20200101-Epcot Transformation-Epcot
Awesome PlanetWalt Disney WorldNow OpenNow OpenWalt Disney World-Awesome PlanetNow Open-Awesome Planet-Epcot20200117-Awesome Planet-Epcot
Beauty and the Beast Sing-AlongWalt Disney WorldNow OpenNow OpenWalt Disney World-Beauty and the Beast Sing-AlongNow Open-Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along-Epcot20200117-Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along-Epcot
Canada Far and Wide in Circle-Vision 360Walt Disney WorldNow OpenNow OpenWalt Disney World-Canada Far and Wide in Circle-Vision 360Now Open-Canada Far and Wide in Circle-Vision 360-Epcot20200117-Canada Far and Wide in Circle-Vision 360-Epcot
Star Wars: Rise of the ResistanceDisneyland ResortNow OpenNow OpenDisneyland Resort-Star Wars: Rise of the ResistanceNow Open-Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance-Disneyland Park20200117-Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance-Disneyland Park
Castle of Magical DreamsHong Kong Disneyland ResortTBAHong Kong Disneyland Resort-Castle of Magical Dreams-Castle of Magical Dreams-Hong Kong Disneyland20200201-Castle of Magical Dreams-Hong Kong Disneyland
City Works Eatery & Pour HouseWalt Disney WorldNow OpenNow OpenWalt Disney World-City Works Eatery & Pour HouseNow Open-City Works Eatery & Pour House-Disney Springs20200206-City Works Eatery & Pour House-Disney Springs
Regal Eagle SmokehouseWalt Disney WorldNow OpenNow OpenWalt Disney World-Regal Eagle SmokehouseNow Open-Regal Eagle Smokehouse-Epcot20200219-Regal Eagle Smokehouse-Epcot
Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway RailwayWalt Disney WorldNow OpenNow OpenWalt Disney World-Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway RailwayNow Open-Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway-Disney’s Hollywood Studios20200304-Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway-Disney’s Hollywood Studios
Mickey Shorts TheaterWalt Disney WorldNow OpenNow OpenWalt Disney World-Mickey Shorts TheaterNow Open-Mickey Shorts Theater-Disney’s Hollywood Studios20200304-Mickey Shorts Theater-Disney’s Hollywood Studios
Disney Junior Dream FactoryDisneyland ParisIn DevelopmentTBADisneyland Paris-Disney Junior Dream FactoryIn Development-Disney Junior Dream Factory -Walt Disney Studios Park20200330-Disney Junior Dream Factory -Walt Disney Studios Park
Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic RewindWalt Disney WorldIn DevelopmentTBAWalt Disney World-Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic RewindIn Development-Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind-Epcot20200401-Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind-Epcot
Beauty and the Beast AreaTokyo Disney ResortIn DevelopmentTBATokyo Disney Resort-Beauty and the Beast AreaIn Development-Beauty and the Beast Area-Tokyo Disneyland20200415-Beauty and the Beast Area-Tokyo Disneyland
Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the BeastTokyo Disney ResortIn DevelopmentTBATokyo Disney Resort-Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the BeastIn Development-Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast-Tokyo Disneyland20200415-Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast-Tokyo Disneyland
Fantasyland Forest TheatreTokyo Disney ResortIn DevelopmentTBATokyo Disney Resort-Fantasyland Forest TheatreIn Development-Fantasyland Forest Theatre-Tokyo Disneyland20200415-Fantasyland Forest Theatre-Tokyo Disneyland
La Taverne de GastonTokyo Disney ResortIn DevelopmentTBATokyo Disney Resort-La Taverne de GastonIn Development-La Taverne de Gaston-Tokyo Disneyland20200415-La Taverne de Gaston-Tokyo Disneyland
Minnie’s Style StudioTokyo Disney ResortIn DevelopmentTBATokyo Disney Resort-Minnie’s Style StudioIn Development-Minnie’s Style Studio-Tokyo Disneyland20200415-Minnie’s Style Studio-Tokyo Disneyland
The Big PopTokyo Disney ResortIn DevelopmentTBATokyo Disney Resort-The Big PopIn Development-The Big Pop-Tokyo Disneyland20200415-The Big Pop-Tokyo Disneyland
The Happy Ride with BaymaxTokyo Disney ResortIn DevelopmentTBATokyo Disney Resort-The Happy Ride with BaymaxIn Development-The Happy Ride with Baymax-Tokyo Disneyland20200415-The Happy Ride with Baymax-Tokyo Disneyland
Village ShoppesTokyo Disney ResortIn DevelopmentTBATokyo Disney Resort-Village ShoppesIn Development-Village Shoppes-Tokyo Disneyland20200415-Village Shoppes-Tokyo Disneyland
BeatrixWalt Disney WorldIn DevelopmentTBAWalt Disney World-BeatrixIn Development-Beatrix-Disney Springs20200601-Beatrix-Disney Springs
HarmoniousWalt Disney WorldIn Development2020Walt Disney World-HarmoniousIn Development-Harmonious-Epcot20200601-Harmonious-Epcot
Marvel RollercoasterDisneyland ParisIn DevelopmentTBADisneyland Paris-Marvel RollercoasterIn Development-Marvel Rollercoaster-Walt Disney Studios Park20200601-Marvel Rollercoaster-Walt Disney Studios Park
Hotel New York – The Art of MarvelDisneyland ParisIn DevelopmentTBADisneyland Paris-Hotel New York – The Art of MarvelIn Development-Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel-20200615-Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel-
La Crêperie de ParisWalt Disney WorldIn DevelopmentTBAWalt Disney World-La Crêperie de ParisIn Development-La Crêperie de Paris-Epcot20200701-La Crêperie de Paris-Epcot
Remy’s Ratatouille AdventureWalt Disney WorldIn DevelopmentTBAWalt Disney World-Remy’s Ratatouille AdventureIn Development-Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure-Epcot20200701-Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure-Epcot
Avengers CampusDisneyland ResortIn DevelopmentTBADisneyland Resort-Avengers CampusIn Development-Avengers Campus-Disney California Adventure20200718-Avengers Campus-Disney California Adventure
WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man AdventureDisneyland ResortIn DevelopmentTBADisneyland Resort-WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man AdventureIn Development-WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure-Disney California Adventure20200718-WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure-Disney California Adventure
Space 220Walt Disney WorldIn DevelopmentTBAWalt Disney World-Space 220In Development-Space 220-Epcot20200801-Space 220-Epcot
Roundup Rodeo BBQWalt Disney WorldIn Development2020Walt Disney World-Roundup Rodeo BBQIn Development-Roundup Rodeo BBQ-Disney’s Hollywood Studios20200901-Roundup Rodeo BBQ-Disney’s Hollywood Studios
Cars Route 66Disneyland ParisIn DevelopmentTBADisneyland Paris-Cars Route 66In Development-Cars Route 66-Walt Disney Studios Park20200926-Cars Route 66-Walt Disney Studios Park
M&M’S StoreWalt Disney WorldIn DevelopmentTBAWalt Disney World-M&M’S StoreIn Development-M&M’S Store-Disney Springs20200930-M&M’S Store-Disney Springs
Tenaya Stone SpaDisneyland ResortIn DevelopmentTBADisneyland Resort-Tenaya Stone SpaIn Development-Tenaya Stone Spa-Grand Californian20201001-Tenaya Stone Spa-Grand Californian
Gideon’s BakehouseWalt Disney WorldIn DevelopmentTBAWalt Disney World-Gideon’s BakehouseIn Development-Gideon’s Bakehouse-Disney Springs20201007-Gideon’s Bakehouse-Disney Springs
Drawn to Life (Disney Cirque du Soleil)Walt Disney WorldIn DevelopmentFall 2020Walt Disney World-Drawn to Life (Disney Cirque du Soleil)In Development-Drawn to Life (Disney Cirque du Soleil)-Disney Springs20201105-Drawn to Life (Disney Cirque du Soleil)-Disney Springs
Star Wars: Galactic StarcruiserWalt Disney WorldIn Development2021Walt Disney World-Star Wars: Galactic StarcruiserIn Development-Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser-20210101-Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser-
The Cove (Swan and Dolphin Expansion)Walt Disney WorldIn DevelopmentTBAWalt Disney World-The Cove (Swan and Dolphin Expansion)In Development-The Cove (Swan and Dolphin Expansion)-20210101-The Cove (Swan and Dolphin Expansion)-
Frozen LandHong Kong Disneyland ResortIn DevelopmentTBAHong Kong Disneyland Resort-Frozen LandIn Development-Frozen Land-Hong Kong Disneyland20210201-Frozen Land-Hong Kong Disneyland
Avengers Themed AttractionDisneyland ResortIn DevelopmentTBADisneyland Resort-Avengers Themed AttractionIn Development-Avengers Themed Attraction-Disney California Adventure20210515-Avengers Themed Attraction-Disney California Adventure
Avengers CampusDisneyland ParisIn DevelopmentTBADisneyland Paris-Avengers CampusIn Development-Avengers Campus-Walt Disney Studios Park20210601-Avengers Campus-Walt Disney Studios Park
Journey of Water, Inspired by MoanaWalt Disney WorldIn DevelopmentTBAWalt Disney World-Journey of Water, Inspired by MoanaIn Development-Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana-Epcot20210601-Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana-Epcot
Zootopia-Themed LandShanghai Disney ResortIn DevelopmentTBAShanghai Disney Resort-Zootopia-Themed LandIn Development-Zootopia-Themed Land-Shanghai Disneyland20210701-Zootopia-Themed Land-Shanghai Disneyland
Epcot Entry AreaWalt Disney WorldIn Development2021Walt Disney World-Epcot Entry AreaIn Development-Epcot Entry Area-Epcot20211001-Epcot Entry Area-Epcot
Epcot Festival CenterWalt Disney WorldIn DevelopmentTBAWalt Disney World-Epcot Festival CenterIn Development-Epcot Festival Center-Epcot20211001-Epcot Festival Center-Epcot
Mary Poppins Attraction and AreaWalt Disney WorldIn DevelopmentTBAWalt Disney World-Mary Poppins Attraction and AreaIn Development-Mary Poppins Attraction and Area-Epcot20211001-Mary Poppins Attraction and Area-Epcot
PLAY! PavilionWalt Disney WorldIn Development2021Walt Disney World-PLAY! PavilionIn Development-PLAY! Pavilion-Epcot20211001-PLAY! Pavilion-Epcot
Spaceship Earth ChangesWalt Disney WorldIn DevelopmentTBAWalt Disney World-Spaceship Earth ChangesIn Development-Spaceship Earth Changes-Epcot20211001-Spaceship Earth Changes-Epcot
Toy Story Inspired HotelTokyo Disney ResortIn Development2021-22Tokyo Disney Resort-Toy Story Inspired HotelIn Development-Toy Story Inspired Hotel-20211001-Toy Story Inspired Hotel-
TRON Lightcycle RunWalt Disney WorldIn Development2021Walt Disney World-TRON Lightcycle RunIn Development-TRON Lightcycle Run-Magic Kingdom20211001-TRON Lightcycle Run-Magic Kingdom
Disney WishDisney Cruise LineIn Development2022Disney Cruise Line-Disney WishIn Development-Disney Wish-20220115-Disney Wish-
Spider-Man AttractionDisneyland ParisIn DevelopmentTBADisneyland Paris-Spider-Man AttractionIn Development-Spider-Man Attraction-Walt Disney Studios Park20220301-Spider-Man Attraction-Walt Disney Studios Park
Cruise Ship 6Disney Cruise LineIn Development2022Disney Cruise Line-Cruise Ship 6In Development-Cruise Ship 6-20220401-Cruise Ship 6-
Frozen LandDisneyland ParisIn DevelopmentTBADisneyland Paris-Frozen LandIn Development-Frozen Land-Walt Disney Studios Park20220601-Frozen Land-Walt Disney Studios Park
Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway RailwayDisneyland ResortIn Development2022Disneyland Resort-Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway RailwayIn Development-Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway-Disneyland Park20220601-Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway-Disneyland Park
Fantasy SpringsTokyo Disney ResortIn Development2022Tokyo Disney Resort-Fantasy SpringsIn Development-Fantasy Springs-Tokyo DisneySea20221001-Fantasy Springs-Tokyo DisneySea
Frozen Boat RideTokyo Disney ResortIn Development2022Tokyo Disney Resort-Frozen Boat RideIn Development-Frozen Boat Ride-Tokyo DisneySea20221001-Frozen Boat Ride-Tokyo DisneySea
Peter Pan Boat RideTokyo Disney ResortIn Development2022Tokyo Disney Resort-Peter Pan Boat RideIn Development-Peter Pan Boat Ride-Tokyo DisneySea20221001-Peter Pan Boat Ride-Tokyo DisneySea
Pixie Hollow AttractionTokyo Disney ResortIn Development2022Tokyo Disney Resort-Pixie Hollow AttractionIn Development-Pixie Hollow Attraction-Tokyo DisneySea20221001-Pixie Hollow Attraction-Tokyo DisneySea
Reflections – A Disney Lakeside LodgeWalt Disney WorldIn Development2022Walt Disney World-Reflections – A Disney Lakeside LodgeIn Development-Reflections – A Disney Lakeside Lodge –20221001-Reflections – A Disney Lakeside Lodge –
Tangled Boat RideTokyo Disney ResortIn Development2022Tokyo Disney Resort-Tangled Boat RideIn Development-Tangled Boat Ride-Tokyo DisneySea20221001-Tangled Boat Ride-Tokyo DisneySea
Tokyo DisneySea HotelTokyo Disney ResortIn DevelopmentTBATokyo Disney Resort-Tokyo DisneySea HotelIn Development-Tokyo DisneySea Hotel-Tokyo DisneySea20221001-Tokyo DisneySea Hotel-Tokyo DisneySea
Avengers AreaHong Kong Disneyland ResortIn DevelopmentTBAHong Kong Disneyland Resort-Avengers AreaIn Development-Avengers Area-Hong Kong Disneyland20230201-Avengers Area-Hong Kong Disneyland
Cruise Ship 7Disney Cruise LineIn Development2023Disney Cruise Line-Cruise Ship 7In Development-Cruise Ship 7-20230401-Cruise Ship 7-
Star Wars LandDisneyland ParisIn DevelopmentTBADisneyland Paris-Star Wars LandIn Development-Star Wars Land-Walt Disney Studios Park20230601-Star Wars Land-Walt Disney Studios Park
Untitled Princess and the Frog RideDisneyland ResortIn DevelopmentTBADisneyland Resort-Untitled Princess and the Frog RideIn Development-Untitled Princess and the Frog Ride-Disneyland Park20241211-Untitled Princess and the Frog Ride-Disneyland Park
Untitled Princess and the Frog RideWalt Disney WorldIn DevelopmentTBAWalt Disney World-Untitled Princess and the Frog RideIn Development-Untitled Princess and the Frog Ride-Magic Kingdom20241211-Untitled Princess and the Frog Ride-Magic Kingdom
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