Abracadabra, let ‘er rip! Disney’s highly anticipated live-action reimagining of its 1992 animation masterpiece Aladdin is finally hitting theaters later this week, and the company has licensed a plethora of official products tied in to the Will Smith-starring musical remake.

With that in mind, let’s take a visual tour of a big chunk of the new selection of Aladdin merchandise, from toys to collectibles, rugs, socks, and more. There’s so much stuff available here, you may need three wishes to collect it all!

Watch Aladdin merchandise display at press junket:

First up we’ve got Hasbro’s Live-Action Aladdin dolls. This set of five characters (Aladdin, Genie, Princess Jasmine, Jafar, and Dalie) retails for $99.99 and is available now.

Watch Alex’s Toy Unboxing/Review – Disney Aladdin Dolls by Hasbro:

Collectors and fans alike will delight in DISNEY’S ALADDIN AGRABAH DOLL COLLECTION that includes five beautifully detailed dolls. From the brave "diamond in the rough" ALADDIN, dressed in his PRINCE ALI costume to beautiful, headstrong PRINCESS JASMINE and her best friend DALIA, to the wisecracking GENIE and the evil JAFAR, this set is a must-have addition to any ALADDIN doll collection. The PRINCESS JASMINE doll features pants and a cape with glittery peacock feather designs. The DALIA doll wears a maroon and gold-colored gown with billowing sleeves. The JAFAR figure features a long cape with gold detail, swooping shoulder pieces, and a headpiece. The ALADDIN doll wears his white PRINCE ALI outfit, with boots and a headpiece, and the GENIE doll wears his blue pants and gold-colored slippers with turned-up toes. Available at most major retailers.

Up next are the fifteen-inch Jasmine Large Dolls from JAKKS Pacific. These dolls come in three different outfits (A Whole New World, Magic Carpet, and Princess Jasmine) and the first two retail for $19.99, while the third sings Jasmine’s signature song “Speechless” from the film and costs an additional ten dollars.

JAKKS Pacific also offers a Deluxe Jasmine dress-up Accessory Set, a Magic Genie Lamp that “comes to life,” shakes and responds with funny phrases when you rub it, a nine-piece Agrabah Tea Set, and “A Whole New World” musical Jewelry Box.

From Build-a-Bear Workshop we’ve got the Deluxe Aladdin-Inspired Bear Gift Set with Aladdin and Abu plus the Genie’s lamp ($59.99), the Jasmine-Inspired Bear with her two-piece princess costume and heels ($58.99), and the Genie-Inspired Bear with his signature costume and plush Genie Lamp ($49.50).

Funko fans will want to pick up this assortment of eight different Pop! Vinyl figures (Princess Jasmine Desert Moon, Glow-in-the-Dark Genie, Princess Jasmine Diamond Collection, Aladdin of Agrabah with Abu, Aladdin Prince Ali, Princess Jasmine, Jafar the Royal Vizier, and Genie). Each figure retails for $9.99 and all are available now.

The Disney Store brick-and-mortar shops and shopDisney online retailer are both offering this unique Jasmine Costume for Kids ($149.95), along with the Jasmine Costume Accessory Set ($29.95) for any young ones who want to emulate their favorite princess.

Along the same lines, the Disney Princess Enchanted Collection ($47.99 for Standard and $74.99  for Deluxe) lets princesses-in-training dream even bigger than before with new customizable features added to the subscription service. Fans can choose from Jasmine, Ariel, and Moana during May and June.

This Genie Lamp Replica ($149.95) from Disney Store faithfully reproduces the prop from the movie.

eKids has created this collection of musical accessories that will help any Aladdin fan sing along to their favorite tunes. The Youth Headphones and Magic Lamp Speaker each retail for $19.99, while the Sing-Along Microphone costs $12.99.

The Aladdin Pair of Thieves Collection offers seven different sets of stylish socks depicting imagery from the new film.

Two books from Disney Publishing– the Aladdin Live-Action Novelization ($9.99) and Aladdin: Far from Agrabah ($16.99) will take readers to a Whole New World of stories inspired by the movie.

Patina Vie’s Live-Action Aladdin Collection includes two serving trays for all your Agrabah-themed cocktail parties.

Disney has also teamed up with Safavieh to create a series of rugs inspired by (what else?) the Magic Carpet and other imagery from Aladdin.

Judith Leiber has come up with two Aladdin-inspired handbags decked with Aurum and Sapphire that would go perfectly with any Disney-bound Jasmine outfit, but watch out– these items will set you back several thousand dollars each.

Believe it or not, that’s only a fraction of all the official tie-in merchandise available for Aladdin, but we just don’t have room for everything here. There’s also jewelry, apparel, shoes, and even makeup. My recommendation would be to see Aladdin in the theater this weekend, and then shop ‘til you drop for anything and everything Aladdin!