LEGO Review: Star Wars “The Mandalorian” The Razor Crest

Ever since we were first introduced to the Razor Crest ship from Disney+’s live-action Star Wars series The Mandalorian at Star Wars Celebration Chicago last year, I’ve been wishing for LEGO to make a buildable version of the appealing spacecraft. Now, ten months after the series debuted to near-universal acclaim, the new LEGO Star Wars The Razor Crest building set has finally hit store shelves.

In the video below, I unbox, speed-build, and review this instantly iconic ship from The Mandalorian, now in glorious LEGO form with a pretty fantastic set of minifigure characters to go along with it.

Watch LEGO Star Wars "The Mandalorian" Razor Crest unboxing / build / review:

LEGO’s Razor Crest features a cockpit that actually fits two full-sized minifigures (as it should), a large hold with two carbonite blocks, a small sleeping quarters, firing projectiles, and an detachable escape pod that fits one character. Beyond that, the LEGO version of this ship is incredibly well-designed on its exterior and comes pretty close to replicating the scale of the ship we saw in eight episodes of The Mandalorian last fall. The included minifigures are The Mandalorian (previously available in the LEGO AT-ST Raider set), a Scout Trooper, IG-11 (basically the same minifigure we’ve previously seen depicting The Empire Strikes Back character IG-88), bounty hunter guild leader Greef Carga,and– for the first time ever in LEGO minifigure form– The Child AKA Baby Yoda.

The only minor complaint I have about LEGO’s Razor Crest is the lack of thorough detailing on the interior of the ship. I would love to have seen brick-built representations of the ship’s armory and vac-tube restroom, not to mention the ladder that makes the hold accessible from the cockpit (as it stands, there’s just a drop from one section to the other). For those reasons the hold feels oddly unfinished, though that’s really the only portion of this build I feel even slightly disappointed in. Otherwise, I feel as though I’ve gotten pretty much exactly what I wanted out of the LEGO Razor Crest. And hey, we finally have a LEGO minifigure of Baby Yoda for Mando to protect! If I could make additional requests for future The Mandalorian LEGO sets, I’d love to see the New Republic prison ship from “The Prisoner” episode (with minifigures of Mayfeld’s gang, of course) or even a playset depicting the showdown with Moff Gideon from the first season finale “Redemption.” Until then– and with the show’s second season premiere right around the corner– I’m pretty happy with the current output of The Mandalorian content.

LEGO’s Star Wars The Mandalorian The Razor Crest building set is now available for purchase at

Mike Celestino
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