Marvel Must Haves Week 24 Round Up – “Loki” Episode 4

Welcome back for another edition of Marvel Must Haves. This is the twenty-fourth week of a year-long merchandise campaign, and Marvel is currently focusing on Loki on Disney+.

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Ready to dive into the series? Read Mack’s recap of Episode 4, and catch up on all the news about Loki on our guide page. Plus, check out the other twenty-three weeks of Marvel Must Haves for all of your merchandise needs!

Episode 4 – “The Nexus Event”

Moments away from dying in the Lamentis-1 apocalypse, Loki and Sylvie share a deep connection that leads towards a Nexus event and directs the TVA right to them. They get off the planet just in time, but now the Time Keepers want to personally oversee their pruning.

Time Keepers

Our protagonists finally get an audience with Time Keepers, but it's nothing like the expected. Carry on the mystery of these ancient beings with T-Shirts that feature the motto of the TVA.


Put in a full day of honest work and remember to stay on task as you protect the Sacred Timeline.


Coming Soon?

These shirts feature the god of Mischief depicted in stained glass and on a tarot card, two very interesting ways of highlighting his importance and possibly singular motives.

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