The Voices in Your Head: Breaking Down the “Moon Knight” TV Spot

Marvel has shared a new TV spot for their upcoming Disney+ original series Moon Knight. While this 30-second ad isn’t hiding nearly as many details as the new trailer and poster for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, it is certainly worth taking a closer look at.

The teaser opens with Steven Grant, played by Oscar Isaac, kneeling in a field of some sort. Behind him we see an approaching white figure wrapped in bandages and carrying a staff. This is Khonshu, the moon god who gives Steven Grant, AKA Marc Spector, his abilities as Moon Knight. We even hear a ghostly voice utter the name “Steven.” Later in the teaser, we hear multiple voices calling his name as well.

We also get another look at Ethan Hawke’s character, who still appears to be going by the name Arthur Harrow. I continue to believe this character will be a twist on the villainous Sun King from a recent run of Moon Knight comics. In this teaser, he shows Steven a tattoo on his arm that appears to be moving while he tells him “it must be very difficult, the voices in your head.” Clearly he has an idea of what Steven is going through. Perhaps because he went through something similar with the sun god Ra.

We get a brief look at an action sequence as Moon Knight comes to blows with some goons with guns. We get another good look at the hero in full costume with the moon at his back before he leaps into action.

And when he does leap into action, his white cape takes the shape of a crescent moon as he falls to the ground.

In the final shot, Moon Knight, still in full costume, reaches up toward the moon and one of his signature crescent darts seems to come right from the moon and into his hand. It appears his abilities are to going to be more on the supernatural side in this series. We’ve seen this character be very grounded in reality at time in the comics, and other times we’ve seen him catch Mjolnir with his bare hands. Either version of the character is fine with me.

Moon Knight will debut on Disney+ on March 30th.

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Mike Mack
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