Photos: What’s New at Knott’s Berry Farm

I recently stopped by Knott’s Berry Farm to see what’s new, and there's quite a bit of new merchandise and interesting happenings going on. Let’s take a look!

Starting off with some new merchandise at Virginia’s Gift Shop in the Knott’s Marketplace. This Silver Bullet mug is part of a new line celebrating the inverted roller coaster.

At the end of 2021, Knott’s released their own version of Monopoly, called Knottsopoly. Now you can get the board design as a shirt and a pin.

Fruit and vegetable fans can find a whole new line of merchandise featuring this same design with various different fruits and vegetables.

A series of old attraction posters can be found in a series of new shirts, pins, stickers and mugs.

You can even get a pillow with the Berry Market logo!

Let’s head inside Knott’s Berry Farm itself and see what’s new.

Xcelerator has been closed for an unscheduled refurbishment for quite a few months now, with no sign of reopening anytime soon.

Inside the recently remodeled Cordy’s Corner store in the Boardwalk section.

The new Prop Shop Pizzeria opened on July 8th and has done a great job at revitalizing this corner of the park. The Boardwalk has gone from a somewhat run-down area to one of the park’s best with recent changes and upgrades.

The Pizzeria serves up some delicious Boysenberry BBQ Chicken Pizza.

That’ll do it for this trip to Knott’s Berry Farm. Thanks for following along!