Jazwares Unveils Star Wars Micro Galaxy Squadron Series V at Star Wars Celebration Europe

It was at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim in 2022 that Jazwares unveiled their new line of micro collectibles, Star Wars Micro Galaxy Squadron. Since then, the team behind the “play & display” collectible line has been hard at work, with Series III rolling out as we speak. For those in attendance at Star Wars Celebration Europe, Jazwares has been rolling out Series IV daily at their booth. But today, during a presentation titled “Star Wars: Galaxy Sized Collecting in A Micro World with Jazwares,” the company revealed the full breadth of Series V, minus a few “classified” items that will be announced at a later date. The panel featured Maxwell Lux (Senior Brand Manager), Timothy Bungeroth (Copywriter), and Gihoon Song (Design Manager), moderated by Bret Ingraham (Communications Director). The panel also bequeathed a name to collectors of Star Wars Micro Galaxy Squadron – “Micro Galaxions.”

Star Wars Micro Galaxy Squadron – Series IV Reveals

From the Starship Class, Series IV kicks off with a new AT-AT that was on display, which features electronic lights and sounds. The series will also include an Imperial Lambda Class Shuttle.

The Series IV Starfighter Class includes a TIE Bomber, Y-wing, and Wedge & Biggs’ X-wing Starfighters.

The Series IV Armor Class includes Luke’s Landspeeder, an A-Wing, a TIE Interceptor, and an Imperial TIE Interceptor.

And last but not least, the Series IV Scout Class includes a Swoop Bike and Echo, Speeder Bike and Luke, Speeder Bike and Scout Trooper, Escape Pod and C-3PO, Glider and Ewok, Wheel Bike and General Grievous, BARC Speeder and Rex, and Speeder Bike and Paploo.

An Amazon-exclusive Ahsoka Tano Starfighter Evolution Pack was announced during the panel, which will be released this fall. It’s unclear if this is technically Series IV or V. This release will please collectors who missed out on the rare Jedi Interceptor from Series I, although this version excludes the ring, which remains exclusive to that release. This release also comes with Ahsoka’s Delta 7-B Jedi Starfighter, famous for being used in just one episode of Clone Wars (plus a few flashbacks). It comes with figures of Ahsoka Tano and her astromech droid.

Similarly, a Battle of Endor Battle Pack will hit retailers before 2023 is over, which features a damaged Millennium Falcon with its broken radar dish and figures of Lando Calrissian and Nein Nunb, plus two Rebel Troopers and two TIE Pilots for the included TIE Interceptors.

Star Wars Micro Galaxy Squadron – Series V Reveals – Coming Spring 2024

The Series V Starship Class starts with a U-Wing Starfighter that comes with Jyn Erso, K-2SO, and Cassian Andor. The ship is big enough to hold nine figures and the cockpit has a clear bottom to assist the pilot with landing. This is the longest vehicle in the Star Wars Micro Galaxy Squadron fleet.

Store exclusives include an Endor version of an AT-AT with muddy feet. This one comes with Jedi Luke, Darth Vader, an AT-AT Pilot, Scout Trooper, and four Stormtroopers.

The Series V Starfighter Class includes a B-Wing Starfighter with B-Wing Pilot, a First Order TIE Fighter with First Order Pilots, a Rare Battle Damage First Order TIE Fighter with Finn and Poe, a V-19 Torrent with Clone Pilot, and a TIE Silencer with Kylo Ren. The “classified” chase from this series will be from Star Wars: Rebels, although the team didn’t say what ship it will be.

More information was shared about several of these announcements. The B-Wing Starfighter is the last of the alpha-wing ships from the Battle of Endor, allowing collectors to have all four (A, B, X, and Y).

The First Order Tie Fighter is bigger than previous TIE Fighters in the line, which allowed for more details including a cockpit that opens.

The rare variant marks Poe Dameron’s debut as a figure in the Star Wars Micro Galaxy Squadron line.

Since the V-19 Torrent comes from Star Wars: Clone Wars, the deco had to be updated to match the detail of the live-action ships in the fleet. The wings and fin are foldable.

The TIE Silencer is so big that the wings will need to be attached after collectors unbox it. The designers used cutaways from the Lucasfilm art department to create the engine compartment.

A Battle of Coruscant Battle Pack includes Obi-Wan’s and Anakin’s Jedi Interceptors, plus two Vulture Droids. This will be a retailer exclusive, although which one is still to be determined.

The Series V Light Armor Class includes a Twin Pod Cloud Car with Cloud Car Pilot, a Resistance A-Wing with Resistance Pilot, a Desert Skiff with Han Solo and a Nikto Skiff Guard, a Geonosian Starfighter with Geonosian Guard, and a chase of Kit Fisto’s Jedi Starfighter with Kit Fisto and an astromech droid. One of the two classified items in this wave was revealed to be a Darth Vader Jedi Interceptor, although development wasn’t far enough along to include a photo.

Both canopies open on the Twin Pod Cloud Car with Cloud Car Pilot. The engine box opens so collectors can see inside, plus landing gear folds down underneath.

The Desert Skiff with Han Solo and a Nikto Skiff Guard features a plank that slides out, with a railing that pulls away to be utilized. Clear clips make it easy to place the characters, and the vehicle comes with a clear ball mount so the ship can be elevated and angled.

With the arrival of Kit Fisto’s Starfighter, collectors who have been following the line will have nearly every Jedi’s Starfighter from the prequel trilogy.

Finishing with the Series V Scout Class, the line includes a chase Nikto Speeder with Boba Fett, rare Durge Speeder with Durge, rare Pirate Speeder with Aurra Sing, AvA Speeder with Imperial Combat Driver, Flitnot Speeder with Geonosian Warrior, Balutar Swoop with Mandalorian Warrior, Tattooine Swoop with Anakin Skywalker, and Rey Speeder with Rey.

The netting detail on Rey’s Speeder is a detail the Jazware’s team is very proud of.

Aurra Sing’s antenna posed new challenges for the team, utilizing the latest in plastic cutting technology.

The Durge Speeder originated in the 2-D Clone Wars animated series, which presented new challenges for the team. They ended up referencing real animal skulls to get the 3-D details perfect for this figure and also referenced Durge’s appearances in Marvel Comics like Doctor Aphra.

The team joked about how this release allows fans to recreate a popular meme from The Book of Boba Fett.

Gihoon Song held up prototypes of some of the Series V ships during the panel. I was able to take a few quick photos before the stage was cleared for the next panel.

Series III of Star Wars Micro Galaxy Squadron is hitting store shelves now, with Series IV coming this fall and Series V due to launch in Spring 2024. Stay tuned to Laughing Place for more coverage from your favorite collectible brands. Click here for more recaps from Star Wars Celebration Europe.

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