“Secret Wars,” Patch and More Details from Marvel’s “Deadpool & Wolverine” Trailer

Marvel fans are still buzzing since seeing the debut of the Deadpool & Wolverine trailer during the big game Sunday night. And while the nearly-two-and-a-half-minute teaser didn’t necessarily reveal too much, there were plenty of quick glimpses that got fans excited. Let’s take a closer look at this new trailer.

First off, we got a sense of what the story will be for this highly anticipated film. It appears Wade Wilson, in the same universe from the first two Deadpool films, has hung up his red tights and is living a happy life with Vanessa and his new “family.” We see the couple celebrating his birthday along with Colossus, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Yukio, Dopinder, Blind Al and even Peter. But remember, at the end of Deadpool 2, Wade used Cable’s technology to fix a few things from his timeline. We know an organization that might take issue with that. Enter: the TVA.

Sporting a new look, some TVA agents arrive at Wade’s door. After the events of Loki season 2, the TVA is now under new management, with B-15 and Casey seemingly running things. While we don’t see either of those characters in this trailer, we do see some evidence that the organization is being run a bit differently these days, including a new look for the agents.

After a couple of jokes you normally wouldn’t hear in the MCU, we learn that the TVA also appears to getting into the business of pulling heroes from around the multiverse. A new character presents Wade with the opportunity “to be a hero among heroes,” as he shows him some of the events of the MCU. Wade appears to be reluctant to put the old costume on but eventually seems to accept the offer.

And that’s when things get interesting…

We then get a series of quick shots, including the one above of what appears to be the silhouette of a bald man from behind. Perhaps this will be the return of Charles Xavier or maybe the introduction of another character.

We then see Wade, now in full Deadpool costume, making his way through a casino. He approaches a table at which we see what appears to be Wolverine in a white suit with his back to us.

While this is, in fact, Wolverine, this image is playing off of an arc in the comics in which Logan operated in Madripoor under the name Patch. He donned a white tuxedo and an eye patch, while still getting up to his usual slashy and stabby antics.

After Wade dubs himself “Marvel Jesus,” we get a quick look at him gearing up, which will come back into play later. Interestingly though, we next see him fighting the TVA. The fight sequence is chopped up and it becomes difficult to tell how many different scenes we are actually seeing, but we also see him fighting in from of what appears to be a giant crumbled 20th Century Fox logo.

We also see a TVA agent pleading for help before getting pulled off the ground by something resembling Alioth from Loki.

While this scene does appear to be taking place in the Void, as evidenced by the crumbling buildings in the background, there also appears to be some sort of new base set up here. More fight scenes later on show Deadpool taking on what appears to be some kind of new organization as well.

Which brings us to this mysterious character.

A man in a metal mask and a cloak stands as some kind of weapon appears to take shape next to him. Fans are theorizing that this may be Doctor Doom, but that seems farfetched. To me, this appears to be just a soldier of whatever mysterious organization Deadpool is facing on behalf of the TVA. Perhaps some of the rogue agents of the old TVA regime have risen up.

We then get some more quick flashes of fight scenes and one image in particular is very interesting.

A quick shot shows Deadpool’s hands wielding twin automatic weapons. The only thing is, those aren’t Deadpool’s hands. That earlier sequence of Wade suiting up, showed him wearing clearly different gloves from the ones seen in the image above.

Deadpool is also known to use firearms, but pistols are his weapons of choice, as is again seen earlier in the trailer.

There is however a character similar to Deadpool who does prefer automatic weapons: Lady Deadpool. Yes, this movie could very well feature Wanda Wilson, a variant of Wade. We already know Dogpool is set to show up in the movie, so it stands to reason other variants could as well.

“So, they say you’re the bad guy.” While we don’t truly know who the big bad of this film is just yet, there is one classic X-Men villain who makes an appearance. Reprising his role as John Allerdyce (better known as Pyro) from X2, Aaron Stanford makes a brief appearance in the trailer.

As the trailer comes to a close, we see Deadpool lying flat on his back after a fight. Just a few feet away from him is a comic book. Fittingly, this appears to be “Secret Wars (2015) #5,” a comic in the series that is set to be adapted for Avengers: Secret Wars.

We then see the shadow of Wolverine as he stands over Deadpool and unsheaths his claws. He steps into frame for only a moment, revealing the classic yellow costume before the trailer ends.

Deadpool & Wolverine is sure to have many, many more surprises but those are the ones we spotted in this first teaser. We’ll just have to wait for whatever else we get between now and July 26, when the movie hits theaters.

Mike Mack
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