Disney Lorcana Restocks Begin to Roll Out Next Week, Fan Events and Competitive Circuit Coming in 2024

The official Disney Lorcana X account has shared some exciting updates, including the rollout of booster pack restocks and official fan events coming in 2024.

What’s Happening:

  • The October booster pack restock will begin to roll out at local game stores in North America starting next week.
  • The reprint of The First Chapter boosters and starters has been moved up, and will begin shipping mid-November in North America.
  • The aim of these reprints is to potentially make the game more readily available, making it easier for fans to find the product they’re looking for.
  • Next, we want to announce that starting in Q2 2024, we will have both official fan events and an official competitive circuit. Fan events will be a way for Disney fans to come together to share their love of Disney Lorcana even if they may not necessarily play the game.
  • Competitive events will be the premiere place for Disney Lorcana TCG players to prove themselves. You can also expect exclusives for each of these types of events, with more details to come in January 2024.
  • Lastly, Ravensberger announced a change to convention promos. Going forward, convention promos will no longer have the logo of the convention on them, but there will be three new cards available for each set with a promo icon in the rarity spot.
  • These cards have slight differences to the foil pattern compared to the cards found in the booster packs. When we are attending conventions in any region, Ravensberger will announce how you can obtain promo cards, and you might even be able to get all three at one event!

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