Beast Kingdom Spotlight: Disney100 Diorama-Stage “Bambi” and “Peter Pan” Figurines

Just last month, the Walt Disney Company celebrated its 100th anniversary (October 16) and the yearlong festivities have culminated in new projects, experiences and merchandise collections. Beast Kingdom has taken this opportunity to commemorate the milestone with an amazing array of figures and figurines including a delightful Diorama Stage (D-Stage) Postage Stamp series highlighting six animated classics.

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One of the cool perks of being part of a Disney fan site is getting the opportunity to review incredible collectibles inspired by Disney characters and films. This year our friends at Beast Kingdom invited us to check out some of their Diorama Stage (DS) figures celebrating Disney100.

We are back with another Beast Kingdom Spotlight and today’s focus is on the D-Stage Bambi and Peter Pan figurines that debuted this past spring and sell for $39.99 each. The uniquely designed pieces take a scene from six classic movies (Bambi, Peter Pan, Lady and the Tramp, The Lion King, Finding Nemo, and Lilo and Stitch) and place it in front of a charming postage stamp frame that will look great on your Disney display shelf.

Back side of "postage stamp" frame

Back side of "postage stamp" frame

All six designs in this series feature a semi circle base painted to match the scene. In the center is the Beast Kingdom logo, Disney100 logo, and D-Stage distinction. At the front of the curved edge is a small placard displaying the name of the movie in stylized lettering.

Bambi base

Bambi base

Peter Pan base

Peter Pan base

As for the postage stamp frame, it reaches up from the flat edge of the base and contains a postcard image of the forest that brings the whole scene together. While Beast Kingdom doesn’t sell any separate images, the card is easily removable should you want to swap it for something else.

One corner of the frame has a stamp that says “The Walt Disney Company | October 16, 1923″ complimented by a miniature Mickey Mouse head. The printing is clear and defined and is one of my favorite elements of the entire design.

DS-135 Disney100 Bambi Figurine

On sight alone, the D-Stage Bambi figurine is my favorite and it’s even better in person. The setting has Bambi enjoying a sunny day in the forest surrounded by his friends Thumper and Flower. The trio stands on a bed of green leaves and colorful flowers, while off to this side is a branching tree just starting to bloom. The sculpted details are rich and impressive bringing authenticity to this display piece.

But far and away the most impressive feature of the figurine is the defined and detailed hand painting. Bambi especially looks great considering the various shades of his pelt, white spots on his sides, pink lined ears and black accents around his eyes. Everything is complete and elegant and I’m constantly finding new details every time I look at him. Thumper and Flower are also impressive.

DS-137 Disney100 Peter Pan Figurine

“Think of the happiest things…” Ok so Peter Pan fighting Captain Hook isn’t exactly a “happy thing,” but it’s rather exciting, right? For this collectible Beast Kingdom has gone for action with Peter Pan and his biggest foe in hand to hand combat!

The dueling duo is perched on the stern of a boat carefully balanced as their dagger and sword come in contact. Just like the Bambi figure, this features the postage stamp frame and the card inside has a group of pirates cheering on their hook-handed captain. Peter and Hook are perfectly defined not only in sculpt but also with detailed painting that’s rich and vibrant and truly pops.

My favorite element of this figure are the splashing blue waves that emulate movement. White foam decorates crests on the top of the waves and the whole piece is beautifully designed. While the figure can be displayed on it’s own, the included diorama backdrop is a nice bonus that can used inside or out of the box.

Great Quality

In a previous spotlight for the Steamboat Willie figure I noted that I love the weight, look, color and details, and that same quality extends to this Disney100 series. The painting continues to be meticulous with no smudges or bleeding between colors and each character is instantly recognizable.

Whether you’re looking to grow or start your Disney100 collection or just want to add some Disney magic to your display case, this D-Stage series is a great choice. Four styles are available now and two are pre-order. Each sells for $39.99.

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Disney100 Sale

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