Back in April the folks at Den of Geek noticed something interesting in one of the DuckTales commercials. A character from Disney’s TaleSpin, Don Karnage, was sword fighting with the blue clad Dewey. Could this mean that Karnage would be making an appearance? Well, it turns out he is and Entertainment Weekly has the exclusive first look.

What’s happening:

  • Entertainment Weekly shared an exclusive first look at an upcoming episode of DuckTales that will feature the infamous sky pirate.
  • On July 28th, Don Karnage–voiced by Jaime Camil–will make his debut in Disney Channel’s currently iteration of DuckTales.
  • Karnage was a popular character on the early 90’s cartoon, TaleSpin. His appearance will cause some trouble for our favorite ducks, especially Dewey.
  • Interestingly, Karnage will take a different approach with his arrival: a choreographed musical number.

What they’re saying:

  • Executive producer Matt Youngberg: “Having a bunch of sky pirates show up, you expect planes and guns. Our whole M.O. with DuckTales has been: take a convention you understand already and give it another layer.”
  • Jaime Camil: “Don Karnage is devastatingly good looking and very sure of himself. He loves to sing, he loves to dance, he loves to be the center of attention.”
  • Co-producer Francisco Angones: “Dewey is our middle child, always trying to figure out how to stand out in the most dramatic way possible.”
Don Karnage

Jaime Camil voices Don Karnage. Photo via Entertainment Weekly

Why you know Jaime Camil:

  • DuckTales isn’t the first Disney project that Camil has worked on. The actor is credited with voicing Julio on Elena of Avalor, and Papa in Disney•Pixar’s Coco.
  • Camil is also the voice of Panchito on Legend of the Three Caballeros. The animated show was developed by Disney Interactive for the Disneylife streaming service however, it’s currently only available in the Philippines.
  • Finally, you may have seen Camil as the lovable narcissist, Rogelio de la Vega on the CW’s Jane the Virgin.

Don Karnage will appear on DuckTales on Saturday, July 28th. Don’t miss it!