The sharp-eyed folks over at Den of Geek noticed what looks to be a favorite TaleSpin character in the latest promo for DuckTales. Disney Channel’s summer lineup teaser for the quacky comedy seemed to show one of Donald’s nephews practicing his sword skills with…Don Karnage.

Is Don Karnage returning to DuckTales?

What we know:

  • “Let’s get dangerous!” At the 2017 San Diego Comic Con, it was revealed that Darkwing Duck will make an appearance on the animated show and Oh My Disney had the full scoop.
  • Original Karnage voice actor, Jim Cummings is returning to bring Darkwing Duck to life — could he possibly lend his voice to Karnage too?

It would be neat:

  • Fans are clearly invested in the show, and the enthusiastic cast seem to love bringing back a childhood classic. With the positive response from fans, it would benefit Disney to highlight other Disney Afternoon characters as well. An entire generation is embracing nostalgia as they witness then next discovering these shows for the first time.
  • Den of Geek made this observation: “With the amount of Disney TV references in DuckTales, one can only wonder if they’re setting up a TV universe populated with remakes of all their beloved series. That’s something that would truly make us go woo-oo!”

ICYMI — DuckTales fun:

  • Disney Channel kicks-off summer on Saturday, May 12th, at the Disneyland Resort. The Disney Channel GO! Fan Fest will feature Disney Channel stars, special meet and greets, and the first ever live script performance by the cast of DuckTales.
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda makes his DuckTales debut on Friday, May 11th, as Gizmoduck, and even he’s excited about it!
  • Disney Channel is hosting the first ever “Duck Week” starting with special programing on Sunday, May 6th.
  • In March, the DisneyNOW app treated gamers to five surprise animations featuring the webbed heroes
  • Throughout the rest of the summer, DisneyNOW’s DuckTales games will be getting updates including the popular DuckTales: Duckburg Quest which will see the addition of three new areas