Over the weekend, Twitter was abuzz with news that a new animated Three Caballeros television had debuted. Unfortunately for stateside fans, the series is currently only available in one overseas market.

  • As Cartoon Brew reports, the show Legend of The Three Caballeros arrived on the Disney streaming service Disneylife, available in the Philippines. (Note: a Disneylife product is also available in the United Kingdom and Ireland, although it appears neither market has added Legends just yet).
  • Currently, there are 13 22-minute episodes of the animated program available, featuring the adventures of Donald Duck, José Carioca, and Panchito Pistoles.
  • Naturally, word of the series’ existence riled up fans and led to many rumors as to when it might arrive in America, with many wishfully thinking it might debut with the Disney-branded streaming service that’s set to roll out sometime next year.

  • Incidentally, the story grew even more interesting over the weekend as, first, it was pointed out that the series was produced by Disney Interactive and not Walt Disney Television Animation.
  • Additionally, DuckTales reboot co-producer Frank Agones confirmed on this Tumblr that the Legend of the Three Caballeros series had actually been completed before work on DuckTales even began, adding that the Legends series’ continuity had no bearing on the Disney XD show.
  • Meanwhile, Disney has yet to officially comment on the series and its future prospects, although the Disneylife U.K. and Ireland Twitter account has been telling curious fans that there aren’t currently plans to bring the series to that platform.