Disney Parks are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Haunted Mansion today and Disneyland Park has some special merchandise to commemorate the classic ghostly attraction.

  • First, guests can find this paranormal popcorn bucket at the popcorn cart near Haunted Mansion for $20.50.
  • This commemorative item features Phineas, one of the three hitchhiking ghosts who have been following guests home for 50 years.
  • This haunting souvenir also plays “Grim, Grinning Ghosts” to complete the Haunted Mansion experience.
  • Phineas isn’t alone though. A special sipper is also available featuring his hitchhiking partner Ezra.
  • This sipper can be found at Harbour Galley for $18.99.
  • While it doesn’t play music, this sipper does have a light you can turn on for a haunting glow.

  • And of course, the set wouldn’t be complete without Gus.
  • The final hitchhiking ghost can be found in the form of a dessert holder at Mint Julep Bar for $21.99.
  • With beignets in tow, Gus completes the trio of happy haunts.
  • He too has a light that can be controlled via a button on the front (and a switch on the bottom)

  • All three of these commemorative items can actually connect to create the ultimate hitchhiking ghosts collector’s item.



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