Eco Friendly McDonald’s Opens at Walt Disney World

The only McDonald's restaurant on Disney Property located near Disney’s All Star Resorts at Walt Disney World has reopened after an eight month refurbishment that transformed it into an eco friendly experience for families.

This is the third version of this same McDonald's, which originally looked like a giant Happy Meal and was remodeled a decade ago to look more like a standard McDonald's restaurant. This latest remodel is environmentally conscious in a variety of ways, witch information about the various components available for Guests to explore.

The wooden screen That surrounds most sides of the restaurant was sustainably harvested and lightly charred, helping to shade the new outdoor dining room.

The windows “Breathe,” opening as needed to help keep the interior cool without wasting electicity.

1,700 square feet of the building’s exterior are covered in plants, which also help cool the interior of the restaurant and clean the air around it.

Guests are given an opportunity to help generate some power for the restaurant by burning off some calories on one of two Energy Spinning Bikes. They can scan a QR code to see their progress in an app.

The pavement around the restaurant also helps water drain into the ground.

It’s not easy to see from the outside, but the roof is solar powered. It provides shade on the inside while also providing clean energy for the restaurant to operate.

This restaurant encourages mobile ordering or ordering from a touch screen.

The seating area features expandable tables for larger parties that include brain teasers. Your order comes to you and you can even mobile order to your table.

To promote social distancing, some tables are blocked off.

This McDonald's promotes recycling items with clear guides as to which part of your order are recyclable and which should go into a landfill.

The new location was designed with a self-serve drink station, which is temporarily unavailable to decrease needing to use a high-touch surface.

Guests using mobile order to go can pick their order up from a counter dedicated solely to mobile orders.

As you leave, notice how each light in the parking lot is also solar powered. McDonald's has really taken the lessons from the former EPCOT attraction Universe of Energy to heart. The next time you’re visiting Walt Disney World, check out this new, eco friendly McDonald's experience.

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