High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, will be debuting a series of shorts before the start of season 2.

  • The news comes from ET, where you can also exclusively watch the first episode of the shorts.
  • In the clip, Nini and Kourtney video chat about Nini being accepted into a new school getting interrupted by Ricky calling.
  • The shorts will debut on the show’s Instagram every Wednesday and focus on one character per short. They will bridge the seasons showing what each character has been doing, picking up right after the opening night of High School Musical at the school.
  • Characters will be video chatting asking for relationship advice and thoughts on the spring musical which will be Beauty and the Beast.

Season Two Cast:

  • Actor Joe Serafini ("Seb")
  • Olivia Rodrigo ("Nini")
  • Joshua Bassett ("Ricky")
  • Matt Cornett ("E.J.")
  • Sofia Wylie ("Gina")
  • Larry Saperstein ("Big Red")
  • Julia Lester ("Ashlyn")
  • Dara Reneé ("Kourtney")
  • Frankie Rodriguez ("Carlos")
  • Mark St. Cyr ("Mr. Mazzara")
  • Kate Reinders ("Miss Jenn")

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series was created by Tim Federle who also serves as executive producer of season two. Catch up on the show and the holiday special before season 2 starts on Disney+.

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