As most of the country gets ready for the “Big Game” tomorrow, Disney Parks took to Twitter showcasing who a….special breed….of Cast Member thinks will win the Super Bowl.

What’s Happening:

  • With “The Big Game” coming up tomorrow, and taking place in nearby Tampa Bay, Animals from Disney’s Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World have been making their own early predictions as to who will win this year’s Super Bowl.
  • The Almost-Local Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be facing off against the Kansas City Chiefs in tomorrow’s game, and based on the video tweeted out by Disney Parks, the residents of the park are abundantly clear about who they think will win the event.

  • We also suspect that the animal care team at Disney’s Animal Kingdom might have a bit of a bias in regards to the event, as the animals in their care picked who they think will win solely based on the food they are being fed.
  • ESPN will be providing a slew of coverage for the game, with programming lasting throughout the day.
  • As there are no parades at Walt Disney World right now, and events that are sure to draw a crowd are limited or nonexistent, the traditional Super Bowl MVP parade will not be taking place at the park this year.

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