Greetings Programs! We were at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World earlier and were able to grab a few pics of the progress on the upcoming TRON Lightcycle / Run. Work still continues on the attraction, most noticeably on the exterior canopy that will cover the exterior portion of the track, while work we can’t see on the interior of the attraction continues.

What’s Happening:

  • Construction continues on the highly anticipated North American debut of TRON Lightcycle / Run at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.
  • We were in the Storybook Circus area of the park, as well as Tomorrowland, and caught some glimpses of the ride track and show building that will house the bulk of the coaster experience.
  • As we look at the progress from this vantage point you can see that the canopy structure that covers the exterior portion of the track is nearly complete. Supports are still in place and the glass has yet to be installed but most of the framing seems to be complete.  New structure and pylons that almost look like additional coaster tracks are actually for this canopy.
  • Previously we noted that the holes where the coaster goes from the exterior portion of the track returning to the interior show building have been sealed, not just a shut storm door or anything, but completely sealed to seamlessly match the rest of the exterior of the building. Those new walls still remain in place.
  • In previous updates we noted that the coaster track wrap was removed or tattered, likely due to weather, but in these newer shots, it seems to be protected once again.
  • When the attraction opens, guests will be able to climb aboard their own Lightcycle and hold on as they are swept into the computer world of TRON, beginning a race that will be unlike any other.

  • You can also see where the track for the Walt Disney World Railroad once stood (just in front of the TRON billboard), as that attraction will also be modified due to the construction of TRON Lightcycle / Run.
  • TRON Lightcycle / Run is reported to be nearly identical to the coaster that debuted in Shanghai Disneyland when that park opened. That version of the attraction has remained extremely popular with park guests, and is a big hit with fans from all over the world.
  • No official opening date has been announced for Tron Lightcycle / Run at Magic Kingdom, and a lack of mention of it during recent Christmas media events, commercials, and announcements from D23 cause many to believe it will not be open in time to celebrate Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary as originally intended.
  • End of Line.

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