Acclaimed Writer Larry Hama Returns to His Run on Wolverine with “X-Men Legends #7” in September

Acclaimed writer Larry Hama will return to his run on Wolverine with “X-Men Legends #7” this September. The story of Weapon X will continue as Hama will pick up where he left off with his iconic work from the 1990s.

  • Hama will be joined by popular X-Men artist Billy Tan for “X-Men Legends #7.”
  • “X-Men Legends” has been bringing the most iconic X-Men creators back to revisit their own groundbreaking runs and tell all-new stories to tie up loose ends each month.
  • The hit series has already seen writer Fabian Nicieza reveal Adam X as the third Summers brother, and Louise Simonson and Walt Simonson shed light on Apocalypse’s original agenda against X-Factor.
  • Now, the writer behind Wolverine’s greatest stories and deadliest encounters returns to do what he does best.
  • Marvel revealed the cover for the upcoming new issue, seen above.

About “X-Men Legends #7”:

  • When two young mutants disappear, Wolverine and Jubilee set off for Japan to track them down. But Lady Deathstrike and the Hand have their own designs on the duo, and it’ll take no small measure of blood, sweat and adamantium to change their mind, kicking off a deadly international mutant conflict!
  • “X-Men Legends #7” hits stands in September.

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