Updated Roadmap Highlights Upcoming Additions and Changes to “Marvel’s Avengers”

Video game developer Square Enix has shared an updated roadmap highlighting the recent and upcoming additions to Marvel’s Avengers, including Omega Level Threat missions and the War for Wakanda expansion.

  • The first move Square Enix highlights is the move of Patrol Mode, which will now be released after the War for Wakanda Expansion.
  • In its place, Square Enix will be releasing a slate of new content, including:
    • Family Reunion,
    • Multiplayer Mega Hives
    • The ability to play as multiple of the same Hero as a permanent feature
  • All of those features will become available in July.
  • Omega-Level Threat: Family Reunion will be the most challenging content the game has seen, culminating in a chaotic fight against the Super-Adaptoid – this time, with astonishing new abilities.
  • The War for Wakanda Expansion is unaffected by these changes and is still slated to release in August.
  • The new roadmap also features an “In Development” section, which highlights all of the features that are actively being worked on, but will come after War for Wakanda, including:
    • Omega-Level Threat Missions
    • Patrol Mode
    • Power Level Cap Increase
    • New War Zones and Assignments within the Wastelands Region
  • With the War for Wakanda expansion revealed to be coming in August, Square Enix promises to release more roadmaps in the next month or two to provide an idea of what gamers can expect to see in the future.

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