HasLab Black Series Rancor Project Fails To Meet Minimum Backing Goal

The much-anticipated HasLab Black Series Rancor project will not continue, as the project did not find enough backers in time, failing to meet their December 6th deadline.

What’s Happening:

  • A tweet from Hasbro Pulse has announced that the highly-anticipated Black Series Rancor figure from Haslab has been cancelled due to not meeting their backing goal by the deadline.
  • Though the project was highly-anticipated by fans, those anticipating The Black Series Rancor didn’t turn out (or want to pay) as the project required a minimum of 9.000 backers by December 6th, a goal which was not met.
  • HasLab is the crowdfunding platform bringing limited-edition collectibles into the hands of fans. As such, fans must back a project when it is announced, paying the full price up front, but guaranteeing that they will get their hands on one of the finished products when they debut.
  • When fans back a Project, they are making a commitment to purchase the product that will only be fulfilled if the minimum number of backers is reached during the “Project Backing Period”. In the case of the Rancor, this was December 6th, 2021. Each Project will have its own campaign duration during which fans can back the Project. Once the minimum number of backers has been reached, your backing becomes an "Order" and your payment is collected at the completion of the Project Backing Period. Then the Product will enter production and ultimately will be shipped.
  • Since the project was not successful in meeting that goal, the fans who did back the project will not be charged.
  • Reactions to the cancellation and lack of success with the deadline was met with criticism on social media, with many fans suggesting that if there was an additional day, especially after announcing the Black Series Malakili figure that would go with it just days before, that deadline would have been met.
  • If you’d like to look at what the figure would have entailed, you can look at our article here.