Hasbro Reveals More Details About HasLab Star Wars Black Series Rancor, Including First Stretch Goal Tier

This morning Hasbro revealed more details about its highly anticipated HasLab Rancor action figure from Return of the Jedi– the largest 6”-scale toy ever produced in the company’s popular Star Wars: The Black Series line.

During today’s half-hour Fan First Friday livestream, Hasbro representatives gave viewers more information about the Rancor’s articulation, showing off the first physical unpainted prototype to be produced, though the final product will definitely feature full, authentic coloring. They also announced the first-tier stretch goal for the Rancor project: a repackaged Gamorrean Guard Black Series figure on a unique “The Power of the Force” retro-style cardback.

What’s happening:

  • This morning the Hasbro Star Wars team hosted a half-hour Fan First Friday livestream to reveal more about its exciting HasLab Return of the Jedi Rancor project in the 6” The Black Series scale.
  • The stream opened with a replay of the Rancor reveal video from Hasbro PulseCon 2021.
  • The team then showed the first physical grey model prototype that has been physically produced.
  • They talked a bit about the “drool” pieces, which can be positioned in different parts of the Rancor’s mouth.
  • Next they showed off the physical prototype being able to strike the poses we saw in the reveal video, and stand on its own while remaining stable.
  • Lastly, the first stretch goal tier was revealed for the crowd-funded Rancor project: a Gamorrean Guard on a unique “The Power of the Force” retro-style cardback, which will be exclusive to this release.
  • The Gamorrean Guard will also come with a scaled-up version of “The Power of the Force” coins that used to be included with Kenner Star Wars action figures.
  • Three more stretch goal tiers are planned after this, but have not yet been revealed.
  • And yes, the Gamorrean Guard will fit at least partway into the Rancor’s mouth.

For more information and to back the HasLab Black Series Rancor project, be sure to visit the official Hasbro Pulse website.

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