Haunted Mansion Accessoires Materialize on shopDisney

Is your home undergoing a quieting metamorphosis? Could your living room benefit from a spirited update? Well then, shopDisney should be one of your next online destinations. They’ve just added new Haunted Mansion-inspired accessories that will bring the beloved attraction to your personal space.

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UPDATE (7/18/2022): More mystical merchandise has materialized on shopDisney including Madame Leota apparel and a ballcap.

What’s Happening:

  • With Halloween growing ever closer, fans of the season will want to get started on planning their holiday decor, and shopDisney has a selection of Haunted Mansion items that fit the bill.
  • The new merchandise features designs showcasing:
    • Stretching Portraits
    • The mansion’s Purple Wallpaper
    • Madame Leota
    • Graveyard Headstones  
    • Singing Busts
  • In addition to the fun accessories for home and on the go, there are also three new paintings, two of the Mansion and one of the seance scene.
  • With their nods to the signature attractions at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts, these Haunted Mansion items work to capture the spirit of the ride and characters in a stylish presentation that fans will adore.
  • Guests can discover new favorites now on shopDisney and prices range from $19.99-$149.99
  • Links to the individual items can be found below.

Madame Leota

We can’t guarantee that you’ll have the same ghost hailing power as the spirit seeking seer, but we think having her in your possession could do wonders! Never lose the hold on your smartphone with the PopGrip Set has two designs to swap out: Madame Leota and the Mansion wallpaper. For all day fun, carry the new black handbag featuring this leading lady on the front surrounded by the words “From Regions Beyond” and “Past. Present. Future.” And don’t forget to dress for the day with a speciality t-shirt or baseball cap.

The Haunted Mansion Porcelain Tray

Madame Leota T-Shirt for Adults – The Haunted Mansion | shopDisney

Madame Leota Baseball Cap for Adults – The Haunted Mansion | shopDisney

The Haunted Mansion PopGrip Set by PopSockets

Madame Leota Handbag – The Haunted Mansion

While we were looking at the bag, we noticed the model in this picture is sporting a dashing Ear Headband we’ve not seen before. I think this is a sign that more merchandise to die for is on the way!

Haunted Mansion Logo

Don’t let the chill of ghostly spirits keep you from staying warm. These simple logo jogging pants are great for lounging in your home which hopefully isn’t too haunted!

The Haunted Mansion Jogger for Adults

Singing Busts

Give your pet(s) what they really want, a chew toy of the Singing Busts! Five heads are featured here mid-melody and true to the attraction the fourth has fallen off and lies adjacent to its shoulders.

The Haunted Mansion Singing Busts Pet Chew Toy

Grave Stone Set

Add a bit of haunted fun to your bookshelf or desk with a bookend set that mourning the loss of Brother Dave and Good Old Fred.

The Haunted Mansion Bookend Set – Walt Disney World

Stretching Portraits

A decorative pillow featuring all four stretching portraits? Yes please! This rectangle throw pillow showcases the famous foursome before they meet an untimely end, but if that's a tad too macabre for your year-round decor, you can flip it over for a solid pattern mimicking the purple wallpaper.

The Haunted Mansion Throw Pillow

Haunted Mansion Wallpaper

If you really like ghostly eyes, purple or a combination of both, this Haunted Mansion weighted throw might be exactly what you’re looking for! It’s simple in its design making it perfect for any time of year or whenever you need the extra comfort from a weighted blanket. Weighs 12 pounds.

The Haunted Mansion Weighted Throw


Disney fans already know and appreciate Disney artwork and the latest Haunted Mansion designs to arrive on shopDisney continue the tradition of quality and magic. We’re especially fond of the “Welcome to the Haunted Mansion” painting that’s summoning daring visitors to enter the gates and come closer…if they dare!

''Welcome to The Haunted Mansion'' Giclée by Michael Provenza – Limited Edition

The Haunted Mansion ''The Procession'' Giclée by Michael Humphries – Limited Edition

The Haunted Mansion ''A Message from Beyond'' Giclée by Michael Humphries – Limited Edition

More Haunted Mansion Fun

While we always love to browse new items, checking out the current selection can be just as inspiring. Loungefly has a mini backpack and wallet with characters in a chibi style, while Funko delivers a glowing Ezra Pop! Pin (that stands up), and Disney has Happy Haunts sheets available for twin, full, or queen beds.

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